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Einfach ma die Aussicht genießen 😌 Hab euch lieb. Schönen Abend.

Day 6 in March: today is low intense workout day! These are the equipments I use with running and walking! #gym #gymworkout #gymmommy #fulham #chelsea

Obrigada por nunca ter desistido de mim, obrigada por sempre ter acreditado em mim até mesmo quando eu mesma deixei de acreditar, obrigada por cuidar de mim, obrigada por ter tido paciência comigo, obrigada por ter ficado ao meu lado não só nos momentos de alegria mas nos de tristeza também, obrigada por confiar em mim, obrigada por ter sido uma segunda mãe, obrigada por ter lutado por mim, obrigada por ter me feito uma pessoa melhor, obrigada por me ajudar a realizar os meus sonhos...se eu ficar agradecendo tudo o que você já fez por mim, vou ficar aqui para sempre....
Nunca achei que esse dia iria chegar e sinceramente não queria que tivesse chegado....Espero que você seja muito feliz nessa nova etapa e que você consiga realizar todos os seus sonhos....
Sinceramente estou com inveja das suas futuras atletas que terão a honra de poder treinar com a melhor técnica do mundo.....
Já estou com saudades de treinar com você, de passear, fazer compras com você...Já estou com saudades até mesmo quando você mandava a gente fazer mortal mortal no início do aquecimento quando não estávamos aquecidas😂
Sei que não foi fácil me dar treino mas todas as conquistas que eu já tive com a ginástica eu devo principalmente a você e sou mt grata por isso💗
Te amo💗🐣#gymmommy

To all you mommies out there- I hope you are taking the time today to enjoy the things that you enjoy most (besides being a fantastic mom) and what make you all the special, unique women that you are. Happy Mother's Day!!! ❤ 😊 #gymtime #gymlove #happymothersday #gymmommy

Last nights shoulder/ glute session. Today is insane leg day. #powerlifting #motivation #staytuned #thirstythursday #gymmommy

#430amgirl #gymmommy I had deadlifts and back today. I don't know if it's me being mad from everything that happened yesterday or I've gotten stronger but I hit a new PR today in deadlifts & it felt alot easier than I thought it would be. Can't wait to see where I'm at at the end of my program😃 #femalelifter #mommyto2 leading by example

Yay For Being 6 Months Pregnant! Where Did the Time go??? I'm Getting Closer to Meeting My Mini Me! 😍 Now to Get through the Rest of the Holiday Season Without Gaining too Excessively, ugh. #6Months #6MonthsPregnant #BabyGirl #Princess #GymMommy

Gym warm up!!! When you so turnt you lose the beat 😂😂😩. I was about to give y'all the business! Lol! #HealthyLife #GymMommy #MusicIsLife #DanceIsLife #WhoWannaBattle lol Tag Tommy The Clown!! 😂😂🙌🏾🤸🏾‍♀️🎬🏋🏿‍♀️🏃🏿‍♀️


Einfach ma die Aussicht genießen 😌 Hab euch lieb. Schönen Abend.

Does the external temperature have any effect on body fats. I am on this treadmill, iam sweating away and I cant help but feel like the 41degrees outside should be directly contributing to melting the fats. Wishful thinking? Hahaha. Good session!


Felt so much more relaxed knowing he was in the same facility as me. I dislike leaving him when i have too so this makes everything alot more comfortable for me while im doing something for myself. #FirstDay #Gymmommy #fitnessmoms #ChuzeFitness #gym #9months #Letsgetmommysbodyback

Let your vision guide your actions.

As a former addict and booze guzzler, FREE drugs or FREE alcohol was always exciting. When I started attending Beachbody events, I loved the free hotel accommodations, food and the gifts, but the open bar nights and free entry to clubs and free drink tickets were my favorite. I have qualified to attend Leadership, the most coveted Beachbody event every year since 2013. I drank all day and night in 2013 & 2014, skipped the closing party in 2015 because I was trying to get sober and remember being so proud that I only had 2 drinks on that trip, but was also embarrassed that I was having a hard time quitting smoking again. In 2016, I went and had the help of Melissa who was 30 days sober. We attended the parties together and kept each other strong the entire time. Last night the party was at the JEWEL Nightclub at the ARIA Resort & Casino. I decided to skip it. I was determined to find someone to give my drink ticket to. I carried it around all day, then I realized, even though not everyone has a bad relationship with alcohol, why would I promote it? So I skipped the pasty and I am coming home with it as another souvenir of my sobriety.. and days 738-742, where I stayed SOBER and STRONG in Vegas!

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