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Sooo I'm finally back after taking sometime off from social media as I was dealing with being super sick and out of the gym for 3 WEEKS STRAIGHT! 😳 For once I decided to listen to my body and take the rest I needed to come back 100%
Here is a quick physique update and my second day back in the gym after that long break. Keep in mind this is how I look after consuming all my calories for the day and minutes before going to bed. My night time weight is at 167-168lbs and I'm waking up at 160-161lbs and still SHREDDED 😈
I didn't allow being sick to be an excuse to get off track with my diet! I'm currently still cutting weight at 2900 calories a day and ZERO cardio. No starving diet and not restricting myself from enjoying the foods I love most in life like BURGERS! Find what works for you and enjoy the balance of this lifestyle! It doesn't have to be boring and unenjoyable, learn to love the process.
Diet plans and or training programs email me now to get started! 📧 devinphysiqueonline@gmail.com

Amazing gym....I'm in workout heaven, time to build the booty💪🏻

Fuelling up before the gym with my favourite zero carb protein from @vpx_sports @vpxredlineceo ✊🏼💕

“Do it with passion, or not at all.” -R. Carey 📸:@jeffcohenphoto

What a strike!!💯⚽️

Exploring Down Town Vancouver today before Sadhguru Inner Engineering seminar tomorrow 😊 such a beautiful day!
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Happy #flexfriday to all!!! Put a smile on and take your shirt off 💪🏼😉 #gymlife

X factor

Smashed LEGS today with the homie @shiningredastray who else hitting legs on a Friday! 💪🏽
Check out @teamgodfit for some awesome apparel 🙏🏽
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Mixed it up today. Actually wearing red 🤷🏻‍♀️ and thanks to my baby for these fly shoes 😻 in love #nike#spandex#gym#gymlife#worklife#loveyourself#fitness#maxx#maxxnutrition

What a beautiful post workout tea. Chicken, broccoli, baby sweetcorn and rice. Really flavoursome and great macros! 👌🏼👌🏼

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