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Lo mismo pero con más peso Germán volume training 🍑 10 sets de 10 reps con 35 libras.

#GymGrid: A few essentials to dominate 2016. The only major thing missing? Your City Fitness membership. Luckily, we have an incredible offer to kickstart 2016: Join in January & pay just $20.16 for your first month (includes startup fees). Click the link in our bio to claim this offer!
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Today I checked out a new gym and I have never kicked my butt so hard in my life. It's crazy how a different environment can change your drive and dedication. There was a moment I NOT only had sweat dripping off my face but off the front pieces of my hair🙈 Here's to moving forward! 😊🙌🏼

had a great arm work out yesterday with the boys

That #gymgrid

All the way up~! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 #toughgirl #allthewayup #gymgrid #nopainnogain #nobodycaresgoharder

Mis chicas 😘💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 #teamlupes #teammissionfitny

Me siento súper sexy y linda usando mi sport top de @figure__slim 💞 si quieres uno como este mi cupón code Lupes10 para obtener tu descuento 😀 #teamfigureslim #teamlupes #sexyoutfit #gymclothes #gymgrid

Happy Birthday to me 🎂#31stbirthday .
. Vive como si fueras a morir mañana, aprende como si fueras a vivir para siempre.🙏🏼 los amo gracias por ser parte de mi🤗 😘


Felicidades a nuestra gloria hoy en sus 50 primaveras 🎂 te queremos 😘.. lamentablemente no todas podemos vernos también a esa edad💪🏼🔥. Un ańo de trabajo y disciplina 🥒🍅🍏 hacen un gran impacto en nuestra vida. Mantener una estilo de vida por el camino de la salud no es solo por 1 día ni por una semana, es cambiar radicalmente nuestros malos hábitos por unos mejores.. #balance #teamlupes #missionfitny

German volume training🍑🔥 10 sets 10 reps. #germanvolumetraining #legday #bootyfordays

German volume training🍑🔥 10 sets 10 reps. #germanvolumetraining #leggainz #legday #bootyfordays

Mis chicas 😘💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 #teamlupes #teammissionfitny

El verano está apunto de terminar y yo apenas lo estoy sintiendo ☀️

Abs aren't as tricky as many people think. •First tip of the day- always engage your core with any ab exercises. To best visualize this, imagine taking a needle with thread and sewing through your belly button and out your spine. That type of engagement is what you want with any ab exercise. •Second tip of the day- if you want more definition to your muscles, you need to use weight with your ab exercises. You will see and feel a bigger difference faster than just using your body weight. •Third tip of the day- don't neglect your abs. Your core is so important! It's what holds your upper and lower body together and connects you! I train abs 8-10 minutes either before my warm up or after my workout. You don't need to spend an entire day training abs. Just pick a few exercises, repeat the sets back to back and boom baby, your core will be 🔥🔥🔥 1️⃣ 3X20 Bench V-Ups. I used a 5lbs dumbbell | really focus on bringing knees to your chest
2️⃣ 3X20 (10 taps per side) Side Taps on bench | keep knees soft and core engaged
3️⃣3x30( 15 per side) Around the World. | think of opposition to maximize results
4️⃣3x30 (15 per side) Jack Knifes | keep core tight, think belly button to spine.
5️⃣ 3X20 Ab Roll outs with medicine ball | Keep body aligned, don't stick your hips or booty out. Squeeze core to come up.
6️⃣3X20 (10 per side) Knee to shoulder push up. | use your abs to start the movement back to beginning. Don't sway your back.
7️⃣3x20 Medicine Ball ab tucks | don't drop your hips, keep core pushing to your spine.

Hey guys!👋
For those who have asked questions about my little packets, let me share the details. I love these little packets of personalized vitamins because I can honestly take them anywhere! I keep a few in my bag with me in case I am 🏃🏼‍♀️late for work (which is everyday🤦🏼‍♀️) . Also when I travel🛫, it's been so nice to take just a few packets compared to multiple bottles of vitamins. I literally never miss a day! Buying vitamin's at the store is more expensive and gives less nutrient personalization. I've seen a difference in my life and I know you can too. Take their quiz to see what you're missing! Use "DANI50" for half off your first shipment. Go try it out and let me know what you think! 💛

Gotta heal thy self to be a healthy self! ☺️ @careofvitamins @careofvitamins @careofvitamins

Happy Friday 🙌
First, thank you to all who responded to my last post. Honestly I was very humbled and amazed at the questions and love I have been receiving. I ❤️ sharing what makes me happy and it's been so incredible opening up to you guys about it. I am sooo proud how people are taking charge of there life to achieve their goals. You guys are awesome! •First tip I will ever give anyone when it comes to fitness... Your body knows what to do Your body is smart. It heals itself, it's powerful and it cares for you all day. It protects and fights off invaders without you even knowing. Your body knows how to be healthy and how to build muscle, you just need to give it the right tools to do it. You need to believe that your very own body has what it takes to build a healthy core.
Stay posted for my ab tips and exercises. Your core will be on 🔥but we want that ☺️
Gotta heal thy self to be a healthy self !

GOODMORNING HUMANS 🌎 ✌️ First off, I've had a few of you ask me about working out abs and how to maintain or achieve a flat stomach. DM ME or comment below a 👍 if you would like me to video my goto ab routine and my ab tips and tricks☺️ SECOND! I just want to say thank you to everyone who has reached out to me about my videos and asked me questions. Working out makes me happy and I love sharing my love with you guys. I just feel so blessed and grateful 💕
The last few months I've been struggling in a few areas in my life and I've struggled with staying positive and keeping a strong mindset to work through them. Working out is always my go to to feel better and get out my anxiety... but most importantly I had a friend share with me an incredible statement. "I choose not to wallow in self pity." I have so many things that are freakin awesome in my life. A few hiccups can't change my love for myself and my capabilities. Life is great, and I'm going to keep making it great!
Gotta HEAL-THY-SELF to be a healthy self ☺️

#TBT Amo mi cuerpo en cada etapa de 😍 mi vida.
Pero lo que los jueces en las buscan en las chicas de bikini ahora es que estemos super delgadas con masa muscular.
Trabajando para lograr ese físico. 💦💦💪🏼 #cardio #alimentacion y #entrenamientoduro

Welcome to my workout today! I threw these sequences together so if anyone wants to try them out, let me know how it goes for you!! I was sweaty and flipping tired but now I'm currently eating so I'm okay ☺️
15 minutes warm up on treadmill, highest incline at 3.5-3.7 pace.
Warm up superset
3x20 band kicks. Stay parallel, sides and back.
5x5 jumps - shoulder width squat, sumo squat, jumping lunges

5x5 (each side) squat, curtsy lunge, to side lunge with 25lbs plate
5x10 (each leg) levers with 10lbs plate

5X5 Lunge step up to high knee jump (each side)
5x15 dumbbell Stiff leg deadlift. Highest weight you can do. **Not filmed is burn out.
3xfailure Burn out glute Bridges.
3xfailure legs together glute bridge
3xfailure each side single leg glute bridge

Beach life ☀️🌴

Being a boss on the beach! Quick circuit this morning. Nothing is harder than working out on vacation but quick circuits are my go to for a fast sweat and good burn! Don't over think what to do, just combine a few workouts and complete 3 times! Go for a run, find a bench and just have fun! ☀️🌊🌴 #gymgrid #fitnessforlife #girlswhoworkout #fullbodyworkout #trainhardorgohome #gymmode #trainlikeabeast #fitlivin #strongissexy #liftingweights #fitgirlsworldwide #fitgirlfollow #fitgirlsdoitbetter #sportygirl #fitgirlsrevolution #gymswag #gymlife

Hombros y espalda 💪🏼🔥 hoy día.

Today I checked out a new gym and I have never kicked my butt so hard in my life. It's crazy how a different environment can change your drive and dedication. There was a moment I NOT only had sweat dripping off my face but off the front pieces of my hair🙈 Here's to moving forward! 😊🙌🏼

Tenía tiempo que no se sentía tan bella como hoy. Gracias @makeupduchis 😘 por hacerme sentir hermosa. .
Dicen que no hay mujer fea si no marido pobre qué hay de cierto 🤔lol. Es 🙃 .
#makeupartist #makeupartist #lovemymakeup#lupesfitness#teamlupes#npcbikini#fitmom

Me encontré esta foto de mi último show aunque estoy con los ojos cerrados pero no importa lol.
#Repost @ms_briannalynn (@get_repost)
Loved sharing the stage with these beauties. 🖤 -
And can't help but think about how lucky I am to have such a great support team, coach and organization to compete in,thanks for all you do. @aznpt @kim21017 @bevsgym @npcnewsonlineofficialpage

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