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Looking forward to learn some gym tactics..Man!!it's not that much easy💪#gymfever .

👈🏽💪🏽...... #gymfever#

CALF RAISES by @austincurrent_ 💪Follow 👉@gym.fever12 for 💪🍑🤓😎😨! #gymfever#fitness#correct#followforfollow
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Execution Series for Hypertrophy
❌ uses more weight that can be handled throughout the entire ROM
❌ is unable to contract calves fully, due to lack of control and too much weight
❌ lacks control in the eccentric phase of the movement - leaves a lot of muscle damage potential on the table
❌ places load on the outside of the foot, not allowing for full ROM to be achieved
✅ uses an appropriate weight that can be handled throughout the entire ROM
✅ is able to contract fully, maintains control of each rep
✅ controls the eccentric phase, and pause, of each rep
✅ keeps load on the inside of the foot, allowing for full ROM to be achieved
The form labeled ❌ is form I have seen in the past few weeks. The form labeled ✅ is how I would teach the movement to be performed.

After long time dream comes true #gymfever #morningclick #refreshed blablablablabla

Montrez-moi l'energie que je peux vous encore aimer, vous pouvez?

S'il vous plait
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#gymfever #iworkout 💪💪👈🙌😍👌🏽✨


🖕🏻 Fuck perfection 🖕🏻
This is where I am meant to show you my post workout shot of my "abs" and maybe my post workout meal in hope to "inspire you"🤔. Nop.

Just me with a Corona 🍻 (by the way I do have food in the Oven for my post workout gainz 😏) My point is that we all including myself wait for perfection. Wait until we have it all figured out and then take action.
And I honestly cannot blame people for doing so.
I mean you just have to go on Insta 📸and I can guarantee the first row of pictures you will see some sort of perfectly lit after shot of a model.

And there is nothing wrong with that. But having that as the expectation of how it is meant to be is wrong.

Trust me, it does not have to be perfect.

Fuck perfection
I can honestly say, since I have stopped expecting things to be 100% how I want them and instead just saying fuck it, the more progress I have made.
Waiting till you have t all figured out only stops you from taking action.
P.s -> check out the shed 😏

Objetivo é objetivo né pai #gymtime #gymboy #gymrat #gym #gymlove #gymfever

⚠️ Nutrition Myths ⚠️ Lets get straight into it!
🐶 Eating late at night makes you fat: Now this is the only one that has some very small truth to it. If you over eat late at night then yes you will put on weight. However if you are under your daily calorie intake then you can eat when ever you want! -
🙈 Carbs make you fat: Again do not make you fat. Over eating on them however do. The best thing with carbs is to have them after a workout. Work for those carbs! -
🐤 Eggs give you High cholesterol: This has been going round for years. The simple fact is, you have a mechanism in your body already that regulates cholesterol. If you have a large intake of it your body will naturally slow down the production of it. -
🐴 Fruit juices are good for you: Something that I made a massive error on a few years back. I though because it was fruit it was good for you.. right? Well the great thing about fruit being in a solid form, it has a lot of fibre in it. Which means you will fill yourself up. Juice on the other had has 0 fibre in, so you are basically drinking flavoured sugar.... yeah that's what I though.
If you have any questions please comment below 👇🏻👇🏻

⚠️TRAINING HACK⚠️ What different rep ranges do for your body?! 💪 1-4 reps: strength training, this is where you focus on power and speed. Great movements for strength are big compound lifts like bench press and deadlift. 💪 8-12 reps: hypertrophy, time under tension is the key. Because it is medium rep range you are able to go heavyish but more so focused on squeezing and contracting the muscle. 💪 15+ reps: muscle endurance, this one in my opinion hurts the most 😂. Choosing a light weight but going high on Reps. Great to get your cardiovascular fitness up without having to get on a treadmill 🙌

P.s -> you can mix all three rep ranges into one workout 👍

I've been #grinding hard for these #gains (not to sound like a chach) #gym4life #gymfever

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