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OMG she's amazing ! 💜

Alright Ibiza I'm done, time to leave with whatever brain cells I have left and some great memories too. I'll no doubt be back but for now it's peace out ✌🏼
On to the next one ✈️

Look Good 👉🏽Feel Good 👌🏽
Love this outfit from @pursuefitness featuring the new Khaki Icon Long Sleeve T Shirt launching soon ➡️

Happy #humpday friends ✌🏻️
Photo by @denidomifilms
Я обычно кормлю детей долго. По полтора года и больше. Сейчас моя Маркелла все ещё на Гв хоть и ест почти все. А мне не хочется обратно свой первый размер 😄
Есть у меня девочки, которые кормили с имплантами? Сколько по времени это длилось? Многие мои подруги с этими девайсами кормили не больше 3-4 мес.
Скоро уже сворачивать нашу молочную программу, и вопрос груди 🤔 будет актуален. Ведь я выкормила 4! 😬
А кто его знает, может быть лет через 5 мне захочется снова малыша 😄

Morning blah day... with the weather being what it is and maybe because it's the middle of the week I so did not want to head out and do my cardio this morning.. but I went into autopilot mode and got it done. It's days like this that you have to shut your mind off and just do what you have to do to get to where you want to get 😘
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In love with these tracks #gymgirl #gymwear #workoutfashion #gymfashion

Fitness + Motivation + Discovery 📲
#checkmyfitness featuring @ajellison ・・・
The big secret to staying young is finding joy in the work u do. Find a way to make ur passion ur living. Les Brown said it best: "Too many of us aren't living out our dreams because we are living our fears." 📸 photo credit: @scottleesonwbffpro http://crwd.fr/2uj4NjE


It was leg day this morning! 🙌🏽 Fresh out the gym!
Join my Bounce Back Transformation Movement! You don't have to feel insecure about your body. I've done it and know what it takes to reach your body goals! Hit me in the DM with your email for details on my fitness plans! .

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💥Out of my comfort zone💥
Main compound movement today was strict OHP 9x3 at 70% 1RM
Even though it's been 7 months since my shoulder surgery direct shoulder work still worries me
I know there's nothing to worry about because my bench press is very comfortable but there is always that small little voice in your head telling you to be careful -
With this in mind overhead pressing is by far my weakest movement the one I easily do the least -
However I know it's an important part of any programme due to the carry over it will have for my bench press and Db accessory movements, so I need to get it out of my head that something is going to go wrong
I think everybody has there little demons, but how you handle them is the real test of strength
I'm still working on mine -
What's your least favourite lift?

Stillstand bedeutet Rückschritt, also bleib in Bewegung. Was du gibst ist was du zurück kriegst und Gott gab die nur ein Leben. - #kontrak .

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Wir wissen, wer sich ganz besonders über die neuen Sorten unseres Vegan Connection freut @eco_not_ego
Laura trägt das Femaleplus Triangle Top in Blau in XS und die Femaleplus Shorts in S.👌🏼

When you wanna workout but you also wanna take your kids to the park 🤗

What's your excuse?👊🏽😆

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