It’s almost one year since this fantastic image (Guy Bourdin: Charles Jordan - Autumn ) has found its place at my apartment in Cologne. From the very beginning I established a very strong emotional connection with it, not just because my consciousness links it directly to the painting with a surrealist title “Implantation of the Sewing Machine”, I use to remember hanging in the leaving room by my mother, but also because it satisfies my personal artistic desire to female body representation and gender issue in contemporary art. The image seams so controversial to me: it neither misogynistic nor feminist, it literally balancing on the border.
There are few things in life which can compete with art on the level of emotions evoking on me. Those artworks which are resonating with my aesthetic and metaphysic preferences make me want to touch them and to dance with them or around them. Thanks G-d I had a chance to touch without gloves a great variety of masterpieces by important artists such as Louise Bouguise, Günther Uker, Andy Warhol, Joseph Boys, Man Rey and many others.

Touching art is probably one of the most seductive activities. So, try it out if you can afford it!

PS: Shabbat Shalom

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Without borders #guybourdin

In a relationship with air conditioner | #guybourdin

... gone glazing #GuyBourdin

Entering the weekend like @kris10shel10 lol #guybourdin #trouble #photography

New beauty work. @essence.of.emma for @theindustryla. Hair and makeup by @artisticyogi.

구경왔다가 포토그래퍼 알아감 #기부르댕
마이애미편이 젤 조탕
비싸고 쓴 커피 ☕️
간밤에 귀가한 남편의 한여름밤 #서프라이즈 #띠어리숄 #고마오 🖤
웬 머플러야? 라고 해서 실망😬뒤늦게 잠옷바람에 둘러봄ㅎㅎ
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Inspired from #guybourdin #legs #feminist #emilygracephotographynz more from the series to come....

Dominika // inspired by #guybourdin
styling: @itselis_ros @celly96 @ggiusi.a @gilda_gdl @maria.paola_cassano & me // photographer: @nywg

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