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You make my insides mashed potatoes ❤️#mushy #gushy #insides #babyboy

Over a dozen valentines days later and still crazy for each other.... 💕 @andreanicole_x 💕 Love is forever.......Happy Valentine's Day to all you love birds out there #valentines #gettin #all #gushy

I truly never knew what love was till you came along. My life is so much better with you in it and you continue to show me every day why you're it. You show me more love and appreciation than any man has in this world. I'm so thankful for you, and I love you. #gushy #feels #nofilteronyouhoes

Year 4️⃣ Can't wait for more @trisbb #gushy

February 22 🎉♓️💕🤘🏽 #PiscesGang #GetYouAPisces #IssaWaterSign #IBeenSwimmingInThatWater 💦😏 #Gushy 😅

#chlom became official. The most amazing day celebrating these 2 wonderful people. Congrats to Mr & Mrs Prkernan. #gushy 📸: @emily.cogan

Shout out to this man. You are more than you'll ever know to a lot more people than just me💙💕 #gushy #sueme

I think I've waited long enough to make pops think I don't care ;) This man right here is the man every father should be. Loving, wise, caring and never passes judgement. He's prepared us for the apocalypse many times and embarrassed us many more times but most of all he's never let me forget how much he loves me. To my father and best friend. I love you and happy bday. P.s. I'm glad you're a handsome man and I got your good looks. #mushy #gushy #father #dad #birthday


I'm raised in a pretty traditional Asian household, so praising my mom is not natural for me. But my mom is one of the best person I know, her energy and humor surprises me every time--even during her surgery today. (Don't worry it was a minor one! And good thing she doesn't have instagram cause she would KILL ME for doing such an affectionate post.)

It's always been you. From the beginning, to now, and all of the small infinities in between. A heart like yours could only be fitted to one like mine. It will always be you. Always. #sweetbasil #husband #besthusbandever #gushy #babe #iloveyou

You make my insides mashed potatoes ❤️#mushy #gushy #insides #babyboy

Can we talk about this stud for a second? I've known him for 11 years and have been dating him for 8 of those PLUS engaged to him for about 6 months of those years and to THIS DAY, I still sneak little peekies at him when he's not looking because he's so handsome. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. He's an excellent father and partner as well as a hardworking and kind human and today he is 26 years old! Happy 26 years of life sweet thang, the planet is better because you're on it. I'm super stoked I get to marry you. #gushy #gushpostover #happybirthday

What a weekend @wildwestfitness with this incredible lot. Even with me as a handicap they smash it to the top of the podium. Watching them do their thang is pretty cool, but competing alongside them is something else 💜TEAM @xendurance_eu 💜@crossfitbathbox 💜 #gushy #bringingthebaconhome #bitstarstruck

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