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Last one guys!This scene never fails to make me cry😭💔!Aisha didn't deserve to die. She and Guru deserved a happy life!😩Aisha and Guru will always me my faves no matter what! #4yearsofekvillain ❤️
{ I will post about shruti again from now on , I posted this I love EK VILLAIN so much}
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Hey guys this post isn't about shruti tho:( but it's 4 years of my baesss😭😩#4yearsofekvillain A Movie that gave me my idol's together @s1dofficial @shraddhakapoor 💘Four years of this magical couple! I can't express my love for this couple! ,A movie that made me fall in love with @s1dofficial and @shraddhakapoor so so badlyyy😍❤️This was my second film of Shraddha!I loved Shraddha since AASHIQUI 2💫!She was my queen since AASHIQUI 2!A Movie about A Villain's Love storyy. A True Love storyy. A movie that I never get bored of and never will!A beautiful love story of Guru and Aisha!💗This movie and songs are my lifeeee! All the songs are the best. This movie have proved that Shraddha isn't just a great Actress as well as she's a great singer!Galliyan is the best!👌🏻Hamdard and Banjara and all the tunes of this movie are loveeee.Thank you so so much @mohitsuri Sir and @ektaravikapoor Mam for giving us #ekvillan and My precious gems #sidshra Together!😭I am waiting for this couple to Return on screen again and slay as they did Ek villain!I am Gonna wait even it takes forever for them to reunite again! #truesidshrafan [ @s1dofficial @shraddhakapoor ]
#sidharthmalhotra #shraddhakapoor #sidshra #wewantsidshraback #guruaisha

FOUR YEARS OF THE BEST MOVIE THAT EVER CAME IN BOLLYWOOD😭❤️FOUR YEARS OF MY PRECIOUS SIDSHRAA😭😭,A beautiful Love Story, a movie that I never get bored watching😩,I can't believe it's already been 4 years of this magic,Thank you @mohitsuri and @ektaravikapoor for giving us #ekvillain and #Sidshra , We can't thank you enoughhhh!Best day for us sidshra fanss❤️please someone cast these two precious gems again😭💔!
[ @s1dofficial @shraddhakapoor ] #4yearsofekvillain #4yearsofsidshra #guruaisha

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