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Just completed registration for #oxfam #gurkhawelfaretrust #trailwalker. What an amazing setup. Fed and watered and also tagged.

As a lot of you will know I have a large attachment to the Gurkhas, well, I am happy to say that I have just received delivery of my Gurkha Welfare Trust donation box which I can now use to collect donations for the Trust at all the shows and exhibitions ect that I do! #gurkhawelfaretrust #militariacollector

Proud supporters of the #gurkhawelfaretrust.. Just received our Official stamp to say we are ready to take donations.. Watch out for more news on some interesting coffees we will be hunting out from this incredible area!

Proud as punch ☺️well done @gautamchadda for completing the #trailwalker2017 - such a wonderful cause for #oxfamtrailwalker and #gurkhawelfaretrust. 100ks through the rain and dark to complete this mega feat. Sunrise waiting for the team to come in 👊🏼🌅

Here We Go! Are you ready for #TeamBarboteSaat @trailwalkeruk ?
We've also reached our £1000 donation target. Thank you to all who helped us achieve this feat! Our donation page is still open for you all to make a contribution, so keep them donations coming people! Please visit link in my bio. #100km #30hours #Oxfam #gurkhawelfaretrust

Row2Recovery's 2017 team taking on the @talisker Whisky Atlantic challenge. Amputee Jordan Beecher and Capt Jon Armstrong are taking on the challenge for three charities - Blesma, #Dreamflight and the #gurkhawelfaretrust

It's not too late #trailwalker #oxfam #gurkhawelfaretrust www.justgiving.com/Jo-Brown24


हमेला भन्ने बित्तिकै - न्यु लक्ष्मी जेवेलेर्स !!!
हमेला भन्ने बित्तिकै - न्यु लक्ष्मी जेवेलेर्स !!! #hamel #hamela #nepali #nepal #nepalesejewellery #nepalijewellery #gurkha #gurkhawelfaretrust #iglove ❤️

Maruni in Gurkha Regiment:
In Gurkha culture, Maruni is the classical folk dance usually performed by the male soldiers in female costumes and mimicking woman’s behaviours, whose body movements are incredibly graceful.

It was quite famous in Gurkha regiments until recently, and those soldiers who performed were usually young soldiers who had recently joined the regiment. They were often nicknamed ‘Maruni’ until the very late stage of their military career.
#gurkha #militaryhistory #brigadeofgurkha #gurkhawelfaretrust

Photo:  exerted from the book Jonny Gurkha, E.D Smith

I was asked to produce my calligraphy artwork for the Gurkha Rifles earlier this year, a description plaque for a beautiful rug that had been hand crafted for the Regiment. #gurkhawelfaretrust @gurkha_1815 @gurkha_brigade_association

Thank you to all our lovely customers who helped us raise a fantastic £55 for the @gurkhawelfaretrust from donations in the Edge Café plus a percentage from sales of our September Coffee of the Month - Nepal Mount Everest Supreme.
The cheque is off in the post today and if you fancy trying out some of this amazing coffee just have a little a search on our website or pop into the Edge Café!
#gurkhawelfaretrust #coffee #freshcoffee #charity #lovecoffee #coffeelovers #microlot #nepal #mounteverestsupreme #specialitycoffee #coffeeofthemonth #edgcumbes #edgcumbescoffeeandtea #roastery

Copied from Shepway FiftyPlus (Autumn 2017).
"One might wonder why majority of elderly Gurkha veterans have so little English communication. This could well be due to the fact that they did not have to learn English while they served in the Gurkha regiments since Nepalese language was used as their work in language; Roman Nepali (Nepalese language written in English characters) was used for military educational qualification tests!
The Gurkha Brigade was a unique formation where British Officers who joined the Gurkha Regiment had to learn Nepalese language instead to be able to communicate well with the Gurkha soldiers." #gurkhas #militaryhistory #brigadeofgurkhas #gurkhawelfaretrust
Photo from British Gurkha Nepalese Association (BGNA): Gurkha veterans of BGNA raising fund for Royal British Legion at the NFL match, Wembley 2017.

If a man says he is not afraid of dying he is either lying or is a Gurkha
Credit : defenceexp

If you do one thing today, make sure you check out @antarctic_gurkha In November 2017, Scott Sears will attempt to break the world record for the youngest person ever to reach the South Pole completely alone and unassisted! 😯 He will be raising funds for The Gurkha Welfare Trust. #partner #expedition #antarctic #adventure #outdoor #gurkhawelfaretrust #snow #ice #cold #traveltuesday #offgridpower

This man served in the Second Goorkhas; the oldest of the British Gurkha Regiments. The medal you see on his right side was given to him at the bi-century reunion held in Pokhara 2 years ago! #photo #photography #photographer #loveit #nepal #gurkha #goorkhas #Pokhara #GurkhaWelfareTrust #Support

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