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I'm late, but proud of you for graduating a week ago!! I will forever love you even though you won't be joining me next year :(( #gunsup #butdefinetlythumbsup

Congratulations to our new team members on their High School Graduations! We are so excited to have you with us at NMSU this Fall! #goaggies #nmsu #sundancers #gunsup #aggieup

Which one of these star QBs would you give the best chance of winning the 2017 Heisman trophy?
My Pick: It may surprise some people, but I'd have Jalen Hurts. I say this mainly because I think he could post some huge numbers with his improved throwing ability and with how well he runs the ball, but also because Bama will be a title contender next season. There are few Heisman trophy winners that are on teams that don't compete for titles, and if Bama has the type of season they usually do, Hurts should be in New York at the end of the season. I would say Quinton Flowers but just because he plays in the GO5 I just don't think many people respect him, which is unfair. Rudolph and Browning both are more than capable of winning it but both face the problem of being on an elite team. OSU and UW are capable, but we don't know if they'll be as good as Bama.
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Blessed to work for the best athletics department *Texas Tech Athletics* in the BEST city *Lubbock, Texas* Happy belated 1 year anniversary to me #wreckem #gunsup

An old Vietnam grunt randomly showed up to the Philadelphia Silkies Hike after party carrying an M-60 with a bandolier and told us to hold it. I was caught a little off guard as he put the helmet on my head and handed me the ammo and gun. My first inclination was to put it over my shoulder, like I'd seen a machine gun carried many times. But when i put it on my shoulder he said, "No you fuckin boot, you gotta hold it in front, or the gooks will kill ya first."
Then he took it off my shoulder and put it in my chest. I didnt want to do the typical "Im a badass" picture holding a machine gun, so i made a cheesy, goofy little kid face, and at that moment I saw his respect for me turn to pink mist. After just 2 seconds of holding it in my chest with a cheesy smile he decided that I was not fit to hold his M60, so he gave me a dirty look as he took it out of my hands, shook his head as if he was disgusted by my existence, and walked away into traffic, giving zero fucks, and questioning what's happened to his beloved Marine Corps.
Needless to say, i become the biggest boot in the world, my penis transformed into a vagina, and we were all inspired beyond belief. #inspired #0331 #gunsup #johnnyb #zerofucks #zerofoxtrot
Check the next two pictures in the series for the rest of the story.

This whole saying goodbye thing is getting really rough... wouldn't be a proper goodbye unless we did one last stadium race (this time I had to let him win 😅) I'm gunna miss this guy more than I'd like to admit but so proud and happy that he will be taking on a new challenge back home! To all the good times , arguments, and wtf moments congrats chase!!!! See ya on the flip side #gunsup #ILLini #bestfriend #sadgram


So proud of my boy! On to the next chapter in life!
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I'm late, but proud of you for graduating a week ago!! I will forever love you even though you won't be joining me next year :(( #gunsup #butdefinetlythumbsup

Guns up! (Yes I took this picture)
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