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Wrecked them? We f***ing #blew them apart

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Happy Birthday to the bird who is forever coming in hot. So much love Joey! #gunsblazing

Annual carny 🏊🏻 #gunsblazing

Viikko hyvä lopettaa sotaleikkeihin #warzone #gunsblazing #paintball #getrekt #highoctane

Frat you will always be my favourite #frat172 #notrealfratbutwemadedo #gunsblazing #squadtraining

Oh, I'm sorry, did I break your concentration? #gunsblazing

Icicle creek - ice cream headaches and ear to ear grins! Rad evening run with Marco Colella! #gunsblazing #nonstop #faceshots #wetpow


"If you want peace, prepare for war" -The Punisher. Come and check out this amazing #sideshowtoys figure of #ThePunisher. Comes with a couple exchangeable pieces and extra accessories. #Marvelcomics #marvel #collectibles #pureblades #readyforwar #gunsblazing

Viikko hyvä lopettaa sotaleikkeihin #warzone #gunsblazing #paintball #getrekt #highoctane

BF, more like BAMF, ammi' right?

#gunsblazing written by #minisathepoet
Photo credit to @beybeenon for my fiance
always @blazethepoet I love you 💎❤🔥
I didn't see it coming
Like a theft you stole
my heart. Even when
we collide. I'm always
down to ride. With you
by my side there is
no way that I can deny.
You stay on my mind.
Some would say that
I took your heart over
night. But I protect like
it's mine. I'd never hurt
you.  Be sure I'd leave
before, I'd ever see a
tear fall from your
because of any betrayal
on my part. If we were to
ever fall apart it.
It would be like a shot to
the chest. Because together
we are at our best. We are
only getting better. Coming
for one of us trust for our love
both of our guns would bust.
No it wasn't luck. We were to
be. We are the realest mfs on
each other's team.
Written by Minisa the poet
Ask we who I was before
the things that happened to me
I was sunshine in the midst of
pain. I'm strength in the face
of hate. I'm women from a girl
who never had a chance if you
had weather my storms you might
have drowned or went insane.
But you don't even know me.Even
though my words what a shame.
Written by Minisa the poet
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Ꭰepression & Ꭺnxiety ?? 👉🏻 fixed by P̶I̶L̶L̶S̶ ??? 🤔🤔Majority of peeps that come to me for help tell me they suffer from depression or anxiety.. sound familiar?? 👇🏼
A few years ago I felt the SAME WAY! I went to therapists, psychologists, I told my doctor I was sad all the time, no motivation for life, can't concentrate in school, I was distant with family and friends -> "numb". I feel "blah" and unhappy! LIKE allll the time! -Wтғ ιѕ wrong wιтн мe?
Well I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and ADD. 💥 then put on medication to help me feel "happy" --> except I relied on pills for happiness, meds that convinced me I could excel in my studies, when I didn't take one I was unhappy and depression so I took more. I felt AMAZING! So I took more and more! Until I was overdosing and exceeding my prescribed dosage! 🤔🤔 you that NOT ONCE did my doctor ask me what my routined health and fitness was? Ask about my diet, what I'm consuming, if I'm active.. because pills fix it all?
R I G H T? When I started this journey, I promised I'd start with a clean plate!
NO MORE PILLS! -> I dove into fitness and studied up on what foods to fuel my body with to help feel better and give me more energy! #NofogLife I didn't realize that what I was consuming 🍩🥃🍔🍻 was actually the trigger to my unhappiness!! 💥 #MINDBLOWN Do you relate?
--> I can help you!
💌 мy ιnвoх ιѕ a ѕaғe place!

That escalated quickly

Oh Helll Nooo! 🙅🏼

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