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Some days I'm a #veterinarian , some days I'm out shooting #guns , but some days I'm just like any other guy working a #deskjob
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Scoop draw!! Shirt: @patriot_apparel
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Killing em softly.... with diabetes. #cancannon

Can cannon : @xproducts

Saker on now-non-CA-compliant SCR, #trollolol
👩🏼‍⚕️: "Happy Monday little buddy!!!"
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A squadron officer inspects the cockpit and tests the controls of the famous B-17 Flying Fortress bomber, "Hells Angels" which belonged to the 303rd Bomber Group, England, Summer 1943. The B-17 "Hells Angels" was one of the first American bombers to complete all 25 of its required missions making her an instant star. She toured around American for the public to see and raised war bonds for the American War Effort. The year 1943 was a pivotal time in the American daylight bombing campaign. They had mounted considerable losses and were only loosing more aircraft. The American public were becoming skeptical of the practically of daylight bombing and called for action against the increasing losses. All the Air Force could do was try to cover up and explain why they were loosing so many aircraft every day. The 8th Air Force has more of its personnel killed the the entire United States Marine Corps during WW2, that's how dangerous it was. The average lifespan of a crewman in a B-17 was 15 mission which was just a couple of months when you transfer the average time they were called out for bombing missions which was almost every day. The B-17 Flying Fortress was a very innovative and unique aircraft. It's vast array of weaponry to protect itself from enemy aircraft have it the reputation that it was invincible hence the name: Flying Fortress. This was definitely not true and it was very vulnerable to enemy aircraft. It was slow, cumbersome, and a large target. Although it's large quantity of weapons which protected the tail, fuselage, cockpit, belly, and top of the aircraft, it was still vulnerable and houses many weak points. The nose of the aircraft where the bomber and navigator sat was vulnerable because it's crewman had inadequate weapons training and had poor aim. There was also a spot between the ball turret and nose where the ball turret could not cover the area and many German pilots targeted this area. Another issue was anti-aircraft Fire or flak, as the Germans called it. Flak was a time explosive, usually fired out of a Flak 88, that would burst mid-air sending tiny bits of red hot metal into the aircraft. CONTINUED DOWN BELOW! ⬇️⬇️

Disclaimer: Watch your trigger discipline so this doesn't happen to you. 😎👍
Having some fun with @splatterburst targets! Someone told me shooting paper is humbling and not good for the gram. Truth is, it can be super humbling AND still great for the gram. ☺️ It's been enjoyable and sobering to spend more time on paper. No doubt my close retention with a staple gun has improved. 🤣
Targets: @splatterburst
Ammo: (9mm) @nevadaammunition
Shirt: @gunnerationx
Song: Desperado by Rihanna

Pick one! Left or right? 💥🔫 #crazyguns


These are necklaces handmade from used and repurposed shotgun shells. They would be a great gift for the sportsman or sportswoman in your family!

Spent casings are hand cut and polished, and I use black paint to highlight the make and caliber. Then they are clear coated in lacquer to protect the shine. Necklaces are available in WIN 12 Gauge, REM 12 Gauge and REM 20 Gauge. Each necklace cord is made of genuine leather and has an adjustable clasp. All necklace cords are 24” in length and have a 2” adjustment chain.

Since each casing is hand cut and crafted, there may be subtle differences than what you see in the photo, such as finish, head stamps, or markings. If you prefer a specific brand not listed, or addition of a colored crystal, please ask for availability.
Please let me also be clear that this product is made from spent ammunition (no powder or live primers!).
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Tikka T3x, right out of the box. You gotta love that! #pewpew #pewpewlife #2a #targetshooting #guns

Sometimes, you just gotta tuck your shirt in. That's where my Apollo IWB from @alphaconcealment comes in handy. It has a tuckable clip that allows you to slip your shirt in between the holster & the clip, so that you're able to easily and comfortably tuck your shirt in. Once tucked in, all you see is the clip, and if you're wearing a black belt and black dress pants, it's basically invisible (go ahead, zoom in on the left). Plus, the Tiffany Blue holster matches my blouse. 💁🏼Stay safe & stay stylish.
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