Part 2 of 3 | New work | Our photographer @gab gets behind the lens in Canada’s remote foodie paradise, the Magdalen Islands. See link in our bio for more.

Part 1 of 3 | New work | Latest travel photography by @gab, shooting some gorgeous colour in Canada’s beautiful Magdalen Islands, for @cntraveler. See link in bio for more.

For anyone upset at second winter here are some sounds of spring!•

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Spring is winning but winter won’t give in without a fight. The ice is back and melting slow.•

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A campaigner from the Greenpeace ship, Rainbow Warrior sprays green dye on the fur of a Harp seal pup to make its pelt worthless to Canadian commercial seal hunters in the Gulf of St Lawrence, Canada. ©1988 Tom Stoddart
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Can't wait to get back to Metis since spring is taking it's sweet time. #sexylegs #metis #gulfofstlawrence #quebec #summer #sun

The Gaspé Peninsula has lots of little roadside curiosities you might miss you're not clued into them. Here a fisherman stands with his catch, looking out to the St. Lawrence. I found most of these roadside attractions when Google maps used to source a lot more user photos.

The sun is setting on this visit to the Gaspé, as I near Rimouski and then one of my favorites...Quebec City!

On the way back from we witnessed a beautiful sunset on the drive.. water on one side and hills on the other with roads in the middle.. captured from a video #sunset #water #hills #gulfofstlawrence #clouds #colors #colours #drive #roads #roadtrip #gaspesie #quebec #canada

Just feeling a little silly this afternoon...it is Friday after all!
I saw this bizarre piece of artwork in Gaspé across from the museum. If anybody knows the story behind it, I'd love to know. 😜

The one thing that sticks out about my first drive along the northern edge of Gaspé Peninsula was the climbing of hills, the overlooking little towns with their church steeples and cozy little houses.
Grande Vallée is one of my favorites as it sits perched on it's own little hill and mini peninsula. The view from above is like looking at a live postcard. 😍

I was fascinated to find out the same Appalachian Mountains I live near in the Southern U.S. actually end here in the Gaspé Peninsula at Forillon National Park. There you see it!

An impressive way to end a mountain chain.

What is it about cemetery plots that always draw my eye? Maybe it's my love of history and this is as close to history as I can come.

I visited this very same spot the first time I came here in 2001 and took the exact same picture. The photos on that first trip were taken with a film camera and unfortunately the film got exposed and everything looked washed out. Good reason to retrace those steps. It's like having a do over!

A cross of granite, not as a religious symbol as you might think. Instead, it was erected by the Canadian government to signify the 400th anniversary of Jacques Cartier's landing in Canada at Gaspé.
The cathedral it is next to happens to be the only wooden cathedral in North America. It was built in 1860 and was promoted to cathedral in 1922.

Gaspé is definitely a nice town to stretch your legs in.

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