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Breakfast! Oh how I love Dipu's mothers cooking. #gujaraticooking #indianbreakfast #eatinindia #fabfood

Haven't had a meal like this in a while! #Gujaraticooking #familytime #farfar #somanycompartments

It's not much to look at...but boy do I love mum's bhinda-kadhi. And she made me a patel style katthi (sour) kadhi

#gujaraticooking #gujju #homeiswherethefoodis #noportioncontrol #howmanyrotis

All the flavors of our cooking. Ajmo, rai, haldi, jiru ❤️💜❤️

Being resourceful is the mantra right now.
However, Gujarati's, coming from an arid region, seem to be one of the more far-sighted communities of the lot:) Our age-old cooking practice is both economical and easy on resources.
We've been taught to cook as much as possible on a single flame in a single pressure cooker using separate 'khanas' or drawers.
Today I'm cooking Lal chana, Imli for chutney, Tuver (toor) dal and daliya.
PS: the used lemon peel that's added at the start helps keep the inside of the cooker clean & shiny!

#gujaraticooking #resourceful #gujjutips #ninainthekitchen #gujaratitippani #thegujjucuisine


~Slow cooked Oroh with Spinach, Spiced Basmati Rice Pilau with Nuts and Raisins, Mango Pickle Tarka Dahl and Yoghurt with Mango Pickle~
Oroh is a Gujarati eggplant dish that is roasted on an open flame. Gajarat is a West Indian state and in North India this dish is known and Baingan Bharta.
I found this recipe on Pinterest from @sanjanamodha I really wanted to make a Slow cooked eggplant dish and to use the asafoetida powder I had just bought so I was so happy when I found this recipe. I tweaked it up a bit and it worked really well in the slow cooker. I added @nudiejuice plain coconut yoghurt at the end as I didn’t have coconut cream and I didn’t want to use coconut milk. It actually turned out really well as the acidity balanced it out.
I made the Tarka Dahl from a recipe book I have and I added mango pickle as I didn’t have any tomato paste that it called for. I added spinach and extra cinnamon and it turned out really well.
I made the pilau in the rice cooker from my own recipes stored in my head. The great thing about the rice cooker is that you can throw any herbs, spices and veggies in and it will cook it up nicely. The smell reminded me of mums exotic Moroccan cooking growing up. The taste is out of this world and when paired with these other delicious dishes...it sends you into a state of Euphoria. Herbs and spices are so beneficial not just to our bodies but also to our minds. And I always feel good immediately after when I cook with them like this. I made a little accompaniment of the coconut yoghurt with the mango pickle and it added a great depth of flavour 🌱💖🍚🍆🍅🍋🌶
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These are fiery Jalapénos filled with indian spices! All Indian grandmas/baa's and dadis love these! These will definitely spice up your winter nights! Serve with yoghurt and chappatis. Enjoy the heat! 🌶🌶🌶 .

SWIPE LEFT ⬅ for step by step pics!

INGREDIENTS in order of use:

1) 12-15 green jalepenos
2) 2 tbsp chickpea flour (besan)
3) 2 tbsp crushed pink peanuts
4) 1 tbsp cumin powder
5) 1 tbsp coriander powder
6) 1 tsp salt
7) 1 tsp turmeric powder (haldi)
8) 2 tbsp jaggery (gor). This is an unprocessed, unrefined, organic sweetener from sugar cane which is solidified.
9) Handful of coriander
10) 3 tbsp sunflower oil for paste and a further 1tbsp for the sauté.
11) 1 tsp mustard seeds (rai)
12) 1 tsp cumin seeds (jeera)
13) 1 tsp feenugreek seeds (methi)
14) 1 tsp asofoetida (hing)


1) WEAR GLOVES!!! This is essential when removing the seeds from the jalapenos. Cut vertically along the jalepeno and remove seeds.
2) In a small bowl mix together all the dry ingredients (chickpea flour, pink peanuts, cumin powder, coriander powder, salt, turmeric, jaggery and coriander).
3) Add sunflower oil to the dry ingredients and mix into a soft paste.
4) Stuff the jalepenos with the soft paste.
5) In a non stick pan on low-medium heat add the remaining oil, mustard seeds, cumins seeds and fenugreek seeds. Once they start sizzling add asofoetida.
6) Add stuffed jalepenos to the pan and stir on low-medium heat for 15 mins. Cook until the jalepenos are slightly brown (charred).
7) If the jalepenos start sticking to the pan add 2-3 tbsp of cold water.
8) Serve with chappatis or yoghurt and if you're feeling really brave eat without!

Preperation time: 20 mins
Cooking time: 20 mins
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New blog post: a recipe for a delicious Indian lunch I made recently. See bio for link!

Sundays are for homemade khaman with tempered mustard seeds, and blistered jalapeños and onions! Soft and fluffy, steamed perfection. #gujaraticooking #gujaratifood #gujarati #healthyeating #indianfood #khaman #instayum #beautifulcuisines #familybrunch #vegetarian

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My main inspiration for this food blog was my mum & how much she taught me. Today would have been my mums 65th birthday so I felt this recipe was special to share with you all. She was famous for her cooking, especially this dish. Mine will never be as good as hers (sometimes its just that touch that makes all the difference!)
Handvo is a classical Gujarati starter dish/snack. It tastes amazing with green chutney or even tomato ketchup! (And of course a cup of masala tea!) Hope you enjoy this as much as my family & friends have over the years!

1) 250g fine course semolina (soji)
2) 3 tsp salt
3) 1 tsp turmeric powder (haldi)
4) 1 tsp red chilli powder
5) 3 tsp sugar
6) 1 large dudhi grated (if you dont have
a dudhi use double the amount of potato)
7) 2 white potatoes grated
8) 1 carrot grated
9) 350g natural yoghurt
10) 500ml luke warm water
11) 1 tbsp green chilli paste
12) 1 tbsp ginger paste
13) 1 tsp Eno (Its main ingredient is sodium bicarbonate & it is used as a baking powder)
14) 5 tbsp sunflower oil
15) 1 tbsp mustard seeds (rai)
16) 1 tbsp cumin seeds (jeeru)
17) 2 tsp asafoetida (hing)
18) Sesame seeds for garnish


1) In a large bowl mix all the dry ingredients (semolina, salt, red chilli powder & sugar)
2) Add grated dudhi, potatoes & carrot
3) In a seperate pan mix yoghurt with luke warm water
4) Add the yoghurt mix to the handvo mix
5) Add green chilli & ginger paste to handvo mix & make into a batter
6) Add Eno on only one side of the mixture but do not mix yet
7) In a small pan heat oil, mustard seeds, cumin seeds & asafoetida.Once this is hot pour on top of the Eno & mix well
8) Place mixture in baking tray (I normally spray tray with 1 calorie spray)
9) Garnish with sesame seeds
10) Place in oven at gas mark 6 or 200 degrees for 75 mins
11) Rest for 15 mins

Prep time:30 mins
Cooking time:75 mins

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Late lunch: Bombay potatoes with peas, served with rice and a cheat's kadhi (a thin spiced yogurt sauce).

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