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The round table is English William IV c1835. The Burea de Dame is Louis XV style c1790. The mirror is French c1820. #guinevere #antique #french #furniture #objects #mirror #interior #style #home #homedecor

The first of the hurricane babies are here 🐣💛💛💛 #Guinevere

Before I was an Italian major in college, I was a sociology major. I was fascinated by how culture shapes our lives, and how we shape culture. I took classes like "Social Control and Criminal Justice," "Contemporary American Society," "Women, Food, and Culture," and my favorite, "Laughter, Garbage, and Collective Identity." (Yes). Much of this was fueled by moving to the East Coast from the Midwest. People looked different than me, talked different than me, spent money differently than me. I had to change my accent so people took me seriously. Even in the same country.
(Side note: Embodied faeries and elementals often feel this way. MUST UNDERSTAND HUMANS).
I began to notice how human beings shaped culture, and culture shaped our experiences. And culture is just collective consciousness.
Every country has a different collective consciousness, which is why we often feel more creative or get new ideas when we travel (depending on where we go). The consciousness shifts, and we do, too.
In any type of healing work, the lens of a sociologist is useful. Understanding collective consciousness is useful.
Many women I know experience shame speaking up, not because they were burnt at the stake (although sometimes that IS relevant), but because it is threatening to collective consciousness. Women are taught to sit still, be quiet, and look pretty. Look at Hillary Clinton publishing a book recently! So many people have said she should be quiet. Is it because she was burned at the stake in a past life? Or because people in modern America just don't want to hear from smart women, especially older women? And it is infinitely harder and more complex if you're black, latina, trans, and, and.
Yeah, it might be sexier to focus our healing work on past lives and fancy plants. But that's not the whole picture.
Unless we acknowledge the nitty gritty hard stuff about how culture is affecting our human experience, we have no power to change it.
Because culture can shift. Culture can change. And right now, that's what we need.
(Photo from my college days, when I cut my hair and became a feminist 😉)

Kan det ses, at vi glæder os til at ride championatsfinalerne på Blue Hors? 🙉😃🐴 #kanmanandetendatsmile #træningtræningtræning #nafdanmark #catagoequestrian #guinevere @catago_equestrian @nafdanmark

Guiny at mill on the brue for the Parkinson awareness fundraiser. A great cause. #falconer #falconry #tawnyeagle #guinevere

Kitten criminal. #latergram #evilkitty #guinevere


real question: would any of you Merlin editors actually use it if I posted something on sendspace or something of popular/good edit material scenes of Merlin in the best HD that I can find them in? I'll try to post it on YouTube too but there's also the threat of copyright so LOL
-bc I realize how little HD scenes are out there and how u need to download so many episodes just to get good editing scenes! So if you're interested please let me know, and also comment some scenes you want! Even if it's vague like, "badass Merlin scenes" -I kind of want to be a scene finder for Merlin because I know the struggle of finding scenes LOL
-also this scene is 1080p, but Instagram will probably decrease the quality, but trust me this is some good shit

Have you ever cut another down so that you can rise? Or had another woman do so to you?

Lately I've been in deep contemplation & practice around the power dynamics between women- especially ambitious women- around the subtle (& sometimes not-so-subtle) patterns of giving away and taking of another's POWER.

When I got on a plane to go write my book a few weeks ago, I had no idea that one of the main things that would come up around the topic of Worthiness is just how unsafe I had begun to feel in groups of women recently- because of exactly this.

When I was in finance, I knew it was part of the game. But being in the spiritual/ self-development realm for so long, I thought I had escaped the crazy competition and aggressiveness between women that I had experienced in finance.

But as I wrote a chapter about Tribe, I came face-to-face with all the ways I've witnessed (and unknowingly participated in) subversive ways that women cut each other down.

Shadowy dynamics of giving away and taking of another's power.
Quiet competition around platform size & revenue.
Patterns of 'I'm worthy of {fill in the blank}, but she certainly is not....'
And so much more- I'm just scratching the surface.

I actually feel like this Rise of the Feminine that so many are talking about is, in part, a Call to Arms to destroy these patterns once and for all.

To end the subtle and not-so-subtle calling out & criticizing of each other (and our messages).
To lay to rest the competition once and for all.
To cease the manipulation & taking of power so we may rise.

It's a Call to embrace our graceful, True Fierce Feminine instead of the destructive fierce so many of us have been conditioned to use. ➕
Instead of cutting down, stepping into our own Sovereign Power- and realizing we have so much of our own power, we have ZERO need for anyone else's.

I'm gathering an intimate group of women wanting to step into their True Fierce Feminine & leave these old paradigm patterns of fierce behind. Because woman- the world needs your TRUE Fierce right now.

Interested? Email me at jen@jenblackstock.com to set up a time to discuss 🔥

The first of the hurricane babies are here 🐣💛💛💛 #Guinevere

My first novel has been written, but the story isn't over yet... Let the editing/re-writing/culling commence! - https://buff.ly/2xj6x0P ⠀
#creativewriting #writing #storywriting #novel #novelwriting #arthurianlegend #editing #rewriting #story #writinggoals #creative #Kingarthur #Queenguinevere #Guinevere #Lancelot #romance #becoming

My altars 👼 from left to right: Merlin, King Arthur, Guinevere
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If you’re looking for inspiration you have come to the right place! King Arthurs Tools has the most creative customers around! Use our #katools to share your creations with us.
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#Repost @atelierjacquin ・・・
The last ones i carved the two last weeks. #shousugiban
#bois #artisanat #sculptures #sculpture

The round table is English William IV c1835. The Burea de Dame is Louis XV style c1790. The mirror is French c1820. #guinevere #antique #french #furniture #objects #mirror #interior #style #home #homedecor

Don't ever let anyone dull your sparkle.✨✨✨ Keep shining dear, #guinevere
MasyaAllah, tabarakallah.. 😇

Makeup and hairdo : @darwis_salon

#TBT de hoje vai para o máximo que foi essa novela , e para a incrível Gui !
Que saudade de #PéNaJaca
Uma obra genial.

#JulianaPaes #JuPaes
@paradisenovelas @JulianaPaes #Guinevere
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