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Feast your eyes on this red-band clip from The Green Inferno. After a long wait, we're a mere week from the cannibal film's September 25th release date via Blumhouse Tilt. (And yes, the guy who has his eye gouged out sounds like R2-D2)
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Fuck u! This movie dope! #thestranger #eliroth #GuillermoAmoedo

Tonight's bedtime movie is #knockknock
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Tonights entertainment 📽🎬: The Green Inferno. A film about a group of social justice warriors fighting for a cause they know absolutely nothing about, only to be torn up and eaten by the very tribe they are trying to protect. Directed by the bear jew himself, Eli Roth 😍
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A estreia de 'Bata Antes de Entrar' (Knock Knock), thriller de horror do diretor @realeliroth (O Albergue), foi adiada pelo distribuidor @parisfilmes para o dia 1° de outubro ➜ http://bit.ly/1EBTl6T

Durante um fim de semana no qual sua família viajou, a tranquila vida de casado do arquiteto Evan Webber (Keanu Reeves) é interrompida por duas garotas muito atraentes que chegam à sua porta buscando refúgio da tempestade. O que parecia uma breve visita acaba se transformando em um verdadeiro inferno, quando as jovens Genesis (@lorenzaizzo) e Bel (@ana_d_armas) seduzem o dono da casa e o tomam como refém para brincadeiras pouco confortáveis e torturas, enquanto a esposa e o filho dele não voltam.

Ignacia Allamand, Aaron Burns e Colleen Camp também estão no elenco. O roteiro foi escrito por Eli Roth, @nicolaslopez e @guillermoamoedo.

Excited to watch these new films. #joedante #eliroth #guillermoamoedo


Tonights entertainment 📽🎬: The Green Inferno. A film about a group of social justice warriors fighting for a cause they know absolutely nothing about, only to be torn up and eaten by the very tribe they are trying to protect. Directed by the bear jew himself, Eli Roth 😍
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فیلم The Stranger (2014) با هنرنمایی Cristobal Tapia Montt، Lorenza Izzo، Luis Gnecco و به کارگردانی Guillermo Amoedo هم‌اکنون در وبسایت فیلم‌آران آماده دانلود است.

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"Well... I do. I don't think people just pick randomly. I think that, if we are here together, it's because there's something we have to learn from each other.” So over the summer, I started watching Feed the Beast. And even though it was canceled, I kind of got interested in Lorenza Izzo. So I looked her up and came by this film. But once finding out that my new movie crush was also in the film, I kind of had to watch it. Knock Knock is a 2015 erotic horror thriller film directed by Eli Roth, written by Roth, Guillermo Amoedo, and Nicolas Lopez, and stars Keanu Reeves, Lorenza Izzo, Ana de Armas, and Ignacia Allamand. It centers around a family man who opens his door up to two stranded, but beautiful, young women, and after being seduced into infidelity, is terrorized by those same two women. So I did not go into this film expecting any sort of masterclass technique in suspenseful filmmaking. But holy crap is this movie corny. The dialogue is god awful. The acting, especially by Izzo and Reeves, is brutally transparent. I’ve never seen acting to the point where it sounds they are just reading word off a page. Call me crazy, but there was a time where I looked at Reeves as an acting talent. I was young what did I know? Watching this movie, I’m just like Reeves what are you doing man? The only redeemable aspect to this film is that the dialogue and the bad acting mixes so well that you can laugh at the film at so many parts. it’s entertaining how bad it is. I could say more, but what’s the use? You can tell Roth is making films because he can and to entertain himself. Can I fault him for it? No. Follow and like for more guys! 🌟 #knockknock #eliroth #writerdirector #guillermoamoedo #nicolaslopez #keanureeves #lorenzaizzo #anadearmas #ignaciaallamand #cellardoorreviews #cellardoorreviewsknockknock #LatinE #film #movies #cinephile #cinephilecommunity

Fear will eat you alive.
After trying to stop logging in a remote part of the Amazon, a group of student activists get a into a little more than they bargained for. First Eli Roth film I think I've ever seen or that I'm aware of seeing, and it felt like a slick B-movie - but being inspired by movies like Cannibal Holocaust maybe I shouldn't be surprised; also, not that I'm complaining, I did watch it twice and listen to the commentary. Unlike the cast, I found #SkyFerreira's Kaycee kind of annoying and for a little bit thought that she'd be the only one that survives, which spoiler alert she does, but only by going nowhere near the Amazon. The use of South American actors was cool, though #ArielLevy's accent made me laugh, even knowing he's Chilean, it sounded over the top to me. The first "sacrifice" went further/longer than I thought it would, and how each successive sacrifice happened/was revealed 👍🏼. I'm not sure what the FGM had to do with the storyline - weren't they just going to be eaten? I wanted Justine to pied-piper the village kids away and have them help her with the loggers, nope. That little girl that helped her though 👍🏼. I also wanted with her nightmare near the end to be real or for her to realize it was all a nightmare when she looked back out the window at the protesters but no. The costuming/props were great, on the commentary Roth said they'd looked at Nat Geo for costumes/body paint ideas as well as sacrificial rituals; cuz whoo boy that priestess/village elder lady and that headhunter guy 😬shudders. want to check out more of Roth's work as well as Cannibal Holocaust. #ssmovieof2016 #horror #AaronBurns (who also worked on the movies FX - including is his own death scene) #KirbyBlissBlanton #DarylSabara (kinda wanted him to accidently shoot his own dick off while trying to get that tarantula. nope) #MagdaApanowicz #NicolásMartinez #IgnaciaAllamand #RamónLlao (who's actually more of a comedic actor in his native Chile) #RichardBurgi #MatíasLopez #AntonietaPari (whose son lives in Miami and likes Hostel) #TatianaPanaifo
writers: #GuillermoAmoedo #EliRoth
director: Eli Roth
movie of 2016 number 49) #TheGreenInferno

"Knock Knock"
Luke's Rating: 5 of 10
Rotten Tomatoes: 33% 🍀
Metacritic: 55%

I can tell that Eli Roth had a lot of fun making this movie. This one delved away from the usual blood and guts style he takes, to a more psychological level. Roth put forth, along with his other writers, a valiant effort in creating a story that puts forth a certain social observation. With rape culture being as far gone as it is in our society, this film spotlights that by over exaggerating it, and turning the tables. The problem, is that it takes fifty-five minutes of lead-up until the movie really starts going. In that first hour we are subject to a slow story with sub-par dialogue; which is a terrible combination. All in all this was an admirable movie, but far from perfect.

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Einen wunderschönen #socksunday wünsch ich euch allen und ich hoffe ihr verbringt ihn gut :) Ich für meinen Teil schaue mir jetzt erst mal The Stranger an .. Tatsächlich hab ich noch gar nix über diesen Film gehört. Ich hab ihn vorgestern im MediMax stehen sehen und als ich "vom Macher von Hostel und The Green Inferno" und "Eli Roth präsentiert" gelesen habe, war klar, dass ich ihn kaufen muss! Weil überall wo Eli Roth steht muss ich schauen! Ohn wenn und aber ! 😂 #thestranger #elirothpresentsthestranger #guillermoamoedo #elirothpresents #eliroth #horror #horrormovie #blood #bloodfetish #gore #goregasm #gorewhore #socks #cutesocks #neverwearnormalsocks #lacesocks #girlslovehorrortoo

Which of the "Eli Roth 'Presents'" films did you enjoy the most? These are horror films Eli Roth produced instead of directing or writing.
A. The Sacrament (2013)
B.The Stranger (2014)
C. Clown (2014)
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Though the first half wasn't all that great and the dialogue was a bit off, it started to pick up more in the second half. Interesting take on it all though.
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