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Once again, ❤️one of our products, Gugo Sulfate-free Shampoo was chosen as one of the Best Beauty and Wellness Products of 2016! Thank you so much @beautymnl and all our loyal customers. You guys are our inspiration in doing our best.💕 If you want to prevent hair loss and keep your tresses healthy and strong, this one is for you!🍃 #beautyawards #gugo #sulfatefree #organic

Love neckless amazing art work by @gugo_co. Thank you for wonderful job👏🏻👍🏻👌🏻#love #şer #gugo #armenianletters

И правда, что ещё нужно человеку? Только немного цветов на земле и все звёзды на небе. #magnolia #gugo

Figuraça!!!!! #Gugo #Hugostoso


Гуго и его босс Чава. Club de Cuervos.
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What is GUGO?
Gogo, gugo or its scientific name Entada Phaseoloides grows wild in lowland forests near the sea or places that has mild to tropical climates. It can also be found in Africa, other Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and in the Pacific islands.
Other traditional and medicinal application for gogo or entada phaseoloides
* Gogo powdered seeds are used to treat jaundice and edema due to malnutrition
* Gogo bark decoction is used to treat hair and scalp related problems such as dandruff and hair loss.
Our GUGO shampoo with aloevera, gugo, D. Panthenol & Chamomile
✔️Nourishes and helps strengthen hair while minimizing hair fall.
✔️Promotes hair growth and overall healthy scalp and hair.
✔️It also helps cure eczema, prevents dandruff, increase hair volume
and prevents thining of hair.
✔️With regular use, hair becomes thicker , smoother and shinier.
Ingredients: Gugo ext. Gugo bark, D. Panthenol, FO, Chamomile, aloevera
#gugoshampoo #hairfall #hairgrowth #beautifulhair #gugo #hairlosssolution #hairlosstreatment

A trip to #Manila wont be complete without buying my favorite #shampoo #zenutrients #gugo #filipino #haircare

Gugo and Chamomile Shampoo
100ml - Php. 195
250ml - Php. 390
🍃Gugo is a large woody vine that has leathery and smooth leaves. It is found mostly in Mt. Banahaw, Philippines.
🍃It lathers easily in hair and removes dirt and oil from scalp.
🍃It noticeably makes hair softer after one use.
🍃It stimulates and helps speed up hair growth.
🍃It increases hair volume and prevents thinning hair.
🍃It effectively thickens and strengthens hair due to its rich natural Saponin content.
🍃It also treats dandruff and other scalp problems.
🍃Chamomile, made from dried chamomile flowers, is also added.
🍃Chamomile also provides several hair benefits which include effective dandruff and scalp cure.
🍃It also aids hair growth and thickening while providing hair nourishment to keep it shiny and strong.
🍃It helps minimize and prevent split ends.

"Is that your real hair?"
"No, it's make believe" 🙄😁 gnyt, Pilipinas! #Gugo #aloevera #natural #shampoo #healthyhair #healthyhairjourney #hairgoals #naturalhair #hairporn

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