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hembree i made it #barelymadejvthough #gucciii

They Think Cuz I Graduated 🍀📚I Aint That Kinda Guy☠️😈WRONG, I Jhuss Aint Want To See My Mama Cry❤🤷🏾‍♂️😍😻 #Gucciii #Facts💯

All my bitches call me Papi, sloppy pockets im poppin' 🏌 #gucciii


I've been posting it everywhere so I'll post it on here too. You were my coach since freshmen year and it's upsetting you couldn't be here for my last year. You were the first father figure to me, From teaching me in basketball to helping me with all the problems life had thrown at me. Not only did you help me become stronger in basketball, but you helped me grow stronger as a person. Thanks for the surprise tonight, definitely emotional. Miss you Coach Gutierrez. 🏀💙 #gucciii

😂😂Goodnight #futurehive #gucciii

Damn I like the way she look but I don't like her attituuuude 😈😇 #gucciii



#gucciii 🖤⚜️🦋🦈

" like Scarface on a 🍌🚣, I'm tryna stay afloat.."
#Gucciii #iloveeveryone #gucciafool


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