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First of all, happy birthday to the most amazing man in the world! @danielbooko 😍 And Second! Leave your relationship questions in the comments below! 💏 I will be filming #ChaiTeaTuesday in a few hours and answering as many questions as I can! ...... in the poll on insta stories, #Relationships won by just 2 percent! 💕 p.s. I tried so hard to take a fitness couple photo of us today, but it was notttt happening, hence the cute throwback shot by @meredith_zoomtheory

Be careful who you listen to and join your heart to. Wounded people will wound. Healthy people will bring health. Be hungry for the RIGHT thing. #guardyourheart

Guard the gates of your heart and mind. Jesus paid much too high a price for us to fill our minds with things that don't please Him. May we strive to be holy, as He is holy! #guardyourheart #guardyourmind

Because I too struggled in trying to let go of a toxic, unfruitful and empty relationship. I was so afraid that I was letting go of "the one." I prayed to God so many times to fix that man and that broken relationship, I did not want to accept the inevitable...letting go and moving on. I mean, how could God be telling me to move on from someone I "loved"? "That couldn't be a sign from God right?" I kept on asking, all whilst trying desperately to prove that "I was worth loving and that he would be missing out." Don't worry that you're 25 and single, know that it's ok to wait. We rush before the Lord just to get our hearts broken by counterfeit men who aren't Gods best. Make no mistake, the devil will send his counterfeit matches in your most vulnerable state...but guard your hearts and open your eyes. #conterfeitmen #guardyourheart #itwillbeworththewait #thingsmickhasays 👭💕

PART ONE: For my single sisters and daughters of the Most High... #GuardYourHeart I made this short video after seeing countless posts on Instagram and Facebook regarding the emotional pain my sisters and daughters of the Most High had experienced in relationships. Scriptures for Meditation: Proverbs 4:23 & Proverbs 16:32 #TeachTrainTransform

"Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you greater than any obstacle." #artlife 🎨#oneofmyfavourites #guardyourheart #proverbs423 🙏🏼 #doitwithpassionornotatall

Amen!!! #GuardYourHeart. #PutOnFullArmorOfGodDaily. 2 Timothy 3 🤓✝️

Throwback Thursday is just a reminder to me, of what I came from and where I'm headed. Narrow is the path. Everyone you meet can't ride with you in life. I had to lose a lot of dead weight to get myself back on track. Regardless my obstacle tho, I'm moving full speed ahead. Stopping for no one. 🙏🏼💪🏼✌🏼#SilenceUnchained #GuardYourHeart

H E A R T ➰ C H E C K
This is just a little reminder not to judge others because you think their "sins" are atrocious than yours. God doesn't love anyone any less than He loves you, and if they were the only ones in the world He would have still come to die. .
It is important that we live a life of example. You most times realize that when those people you're judging become reconciled to God, they end up loving much more... because they know... they have been forgiven much.
#guardyourheart #heartcheck #God #love 🎀


A practice to keep your inner sanctuary pure - Close your eyes and relax. Focus on your breath for several moments. Imagine the external world fading away and allow yourself to step into your heart, as thought within you there is a silent, vast, open space. That space within is peaceful. Sense, see or feel that deep within that space, a tender young shoot is rising out of the earth. With tremendous courage and focus, it has summoned its life force, and it is reaching directly up towards the light, boldly, determined to become full, mature plant. Imagine that you are joyfully, lovingly and consciously standing guard over that shoot. From a loving, aware, and strong space you firmly move on any big muddy boots that would step on it, or any devouring insects that look rather interested in that tasty young morsel. You do this easily and effectively, whilst remaining centred in your heart. Around you and the shoot are many beings of unconditional love. These may be ancestors, spiritual guides, beings of light or angelic beings. You may sense darkness rise and fall around you and the circle of light created by your love and the beings supporting you to protect this tender young shoot. You can notice that rise and fall of darkness whilst remaining calm, centred and detached in your heart as you focus your love on the young plant. Watch it respond and grow strong. All is well. You may whisper to it. 'You are safe and you will grow strong and thrive! Through unconditional love, so be it!' #healing#imagination#meditation#vision#visions#hypnotherapy #sacred#sacredheart#yogini#spiritwithin #innerworld#visualmeditation#guidedmeditation#selfhealing#guardyourheart#newphrase#hongkong #unconditionallove#selflove #darknessaround #newbirth#guardedvigilantly #scaredrebel #rebel #creative#creativewriting

We are not defined by the hardships and pain in this life. Let them shape you into a better person. #youhaveachoice #saynotobitterness #guardyourheart

Sometimes the very people you help the most and sacrifice the most for will turn on you. Don’t get stuck in the pain of the past, #RISE above the emotional manipulation of those who despitefully use you. #Guard your #heart, #control your #emotions, #seek #peace.

#timing is #everything. Was #listening to the #Bible while preparing #breakfast this #morning and caught #this. I’m #grateful for the #reminder. #guardyourheart #dontrushlove

"But do remember, the only thing that matters is the extent to which you separate the man from the Enemy. It does not matter how small the sins are provided the cumulative effect is to edge the man away from the Light and out in the Nothing."
—Screwtape in The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis #perspective #spiritualbattle #convicting #guardyourheart #cslewis #beautifulskies #stormclouds #sunset #eveningwalk

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“...for everything you do flows from it.” —Proverbs 4v23 | NIV
#guardyourheart #patiencetoknow #scripture #proverbs #obedience

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