The Honorable Chairman of The Glorious (G)rowth & (D)evelopment Nation, Chief Larry Bernard Hoover Sr. and The Honorable Grand Master of The Almighty Black P. Stone Nation, Chief Malik "Jeff Fort" Bey Are Two Of The Most Influential And Genuine Individuals In The Conscious Black Community. They Both Learned The Significance Of Uniting Black People & People Of Color As A Whole And Learning The Depths Of Their Roots And Ancestry For Education, Political, Social, And Later On For Economical Gain In The Society Of Not Just The US But The World. They Were Labeled As "Gang Leaders" When They Were Never And Still Have Never, Even Up Til This Very Day Been Affiliated With Any "Gang" Of Any Sort Or Fashion. The Government Infiltrated Both The GDs And The Moes Organizations And Began An All Out War Amongst Two Powerful Afrikan Based Nations. Now Today You Can't Tell The Youth Who Holds Claim To These Two Organizations That They Aren't Enemies Or "Oppositions" As They Call It. When In Reality They Are ONE SOUL Fighting For ONE OUTCOME In ONE STRUGGLE. Different Organizations Fighting For The Same Cause. With That Being Said As A TRUE OUTSTANDING MEMBER OF (G)ROWTH & (D)EVELOPMENT I'm Here To Tell You As The Honorable Chairman Himself Would Tell You There Are No Oppositions In Any Of Our Brothers And Sisters From Any Organization. Only The Oppressor Known As THE GOVERNMENT. Much Love To The Moes, Lords, And All Functioning Factions Of The Almighty People's Nation. And Of Course I Forever Give Plenty Much & Divine Love To All Of My Righteous Brothers & Sisters Of the Struggle In Our (G)lorious & (D)ivine Nation of TRUE (G)rowth & (D)evelopment And All RIGHTEOUS Factions of The Noble Black & Blue Knights of F.O.L.K.S. Nation. And As We Stand United In Peace If ALL IS ONE then ALL IS WELL. I Leave You As I Come With PLENTY MUCH LOVE #GTweezy #GBeTheReason #GDN #GrowthAndDevelopment #GD #LLL #LongLiveLarry #AllIsOne #GDFOLKS #FOLKSNem #UnitedInPeace #StoneToTheBone #ABPSN #AllIsWell #MoeNem

Happy birthday to the big bro @djg2uk Nothing but love for this kid, always looking out 👊🏾 enjoy your day my G 🎁🎈🎉🍻🍹🍸🍷💥🔫 #GTweezy

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