a throwback to how i looked last year around this time. my hair was soooo light!! i wish it would look like this again tbh but then again i don't wanna damage it that massively so 🙅 i'm considering to see a hair dresser tho - i wonder how my current hair situation would look with a permanent wave 🤔
oh and also tomorrOW I'LL SEE INFINITY WAR aiaiaiaiaiai... let me tell you! i'm not ready for this!

“i tried so hard
to get better
to get over this
to forget it all
and move on
and iI thought i was getting to the
point where i could say “wow i’m feeling a lot better”
but right now i couldn’t
feel any worse.”
- s.b
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I’m sick of seeing nothing but fabricated reality on social media, nothing but an unrelatable highlight reel that makes people feel bad about their own lives. So here it is: I had a really bad day today. I’m sad and fed up and completely over it. But, tomorrow’s another day where I can try again. For now, I’m away to bed to feel sorry for myself and lick my wounds in peace. Hope you guys had a lovely Wednesday 💫

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