ChardonHAAAAAY , hoping everyone has a magical Saturday!—————————————————————

TUNA TUESDAY! Possibly one of the greatest and freshest lunches I’ve had in a while. NOT TO MENTION THE FREE CRAB SALAD SCOOP 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤———————————————————

This needs no explanation 🤤😍———————————————————

SUNDAY CHOWDAY ———————————————————

When someone says to bring a snack .... ———————————————————

All you can eat sushi is my kind of day well spent 🤤🤤 ———————————————————

Of course I got mussels but man oh man did I love these Baked mussels with some masago and spicy mayo 🤤🤤 ———————————————————

One of my all time favorite bottles... the small production Merlot from @johnanthonyvineyards! Happy birthday to me 🥂———————————————————

Chicken n’ churros 🤤🤤 ———————————————————

Find you someone who looks at you the way co-host @aricsqueen looks at oysters.
#snacksandsnacks #thelookoflove #oysters #aricsqueen

Currently craving some sushi.... especially with some seared salmon on top 😍🤤———————————————————

Sushi nachos are actual life ———————————————————

Le sush 🍣—————————————————————

Fried chicken strips by yours truly ———————————————————

Guilty pleasure : PINK SCALLOPS———————————————————

Little throwback to harvest season———————————————————

Missing Florida a little bit too much today———————————————————

On saturdays we feast! ———————————————————

Kept it simple tonight with some eggs n fries 🍟🍳 —————————————————————

Little Michelada action 🌶🍺 ———————————————————

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