Invest your energy on new things & focus your efforts elsewhere. Move on & be done... 💯 #LifeLessons #HardKnockLife #GrowthAndProgress #PursueThingsWorthPursuing #BeStingyWithYourTime

If you’re not making any progress - step out of your comfort zone. Great things come out of it. Sometimes change needs to occur to get you to the place you want and need to be. You’ll never grow if you don’t allow yourself to venture out from your usual. Don’t let your comfort zone cease your growth. ✨

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For no particular reason that I’m aware of, I woke up this morning emotionally drained and feeling sorry for myself. I tried to throw a pity party but was too lazy to reach out to any guests. After I draggggged myself out the bed and forced myself through the motions of getting my kid ready for school and on the bus, I strongly considered taking a mental health day. But I talked myself out of it and instead I made a cup of coffee with a hearty breakfast, showered, put on some funky leggings and beat my face. I also made sure to be gentle with myself and rub some lavender oil on my temples. I know I’m allowed to have moments, days, periods, etc. but most importantly I know I’ve got to keep going. Giving up would be easy and for some reason I prefer to live my life the hard way. Not really ready to take on the day, but I’m going to do it anyway. Wish me luck! .
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Too true!! Sometimes people fail to realise that this is not the way to support. Payment doesn't always equate to a monetary value, payment can be in a range of means!
We need to learn to support one another and build each other up!
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Good Monday morning!

Good morning reminder!

Today we overslept a little but I was determined to go for a run. I haven't gone back out after my 5K and since I've been feeling a lil PMS-y, I figured the good endorphins would be the boost my body needed. While my son ate breakfast I put on my running clothes. As soon as he got on the bus I took off. It was THE worst run I've ever had. Physically and mentally I just could not get into it and struggled worse than I ever have before. I barely got in a mile and half. But, I did accomplish something. I set out on my goal and tried with all my might to push through multiple times. Ultimately it wasn't the 2 miles or the natural high I was craving, but it was 1.5 miles more than I would have done if I didn't even go. Tomorrow is another day and I'll try again. I'm still proud of myself for getting out there and trying and not feeling defeated at all. She still ready...for tomorrow 😜
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Just because it looks good - doesn’t mean it is. It’s essential to know when & when not to buy what life sells you. And the only way to achieve this is by knowing yourself. Know when to push harder or pull back. Life tends to throw things at us that seem ideal, but when you know yourself.. you’ll know better than to settle for mediocrity that’s masked in greatness. It’s ultimately up to you to differentiate the two. Realize that by forcing your timing on things, you may cause yourself to settle in life. Value yourself enough to know what opportunities, things or people add to your well-being. When you’re honest with yourself, the things that are meant for you will not pass you, regardless of time. Don’t be cheap with yourself and buy everything that life sells you. Know your worth, always.. and you’ll never have to sell yourself short. ✨

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