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Thank you lifting 🙏🏼 My legs are the hardest things to grow. Especially with chronic lower back issues and a previous sciatic nerve injury that I have to be careful with that flares up! I always put my health first with lifting.

That being said- what has truly made the difference for me with legs has been finding the exercises that work for ME and continuing to push the weight/have progressive overload for growth to occur! Not all exercises were made for everyone's biomechanics- example- sumo deadlifts murder me and always cause hip pain! And I don't feel my glutes in lunges. Everyone is different so my tip is to focus on exercises that work for YOU. ➖My top choices:
Glute bridges and hip thrusts, Deadlifts (Romanian, stiff legged), good mornings, hamstring curls, Squats (all kinds), split squats, leg extensions, leg press (both legs and single), kneeling and straight leg kickbacks, outer hip abduction, curtsy lunges

Another big tip- STICK TO SIMPLE! You don't need to do 5 billion versions of kickbacks!! Stick to the basics, work on mind muscle connection, have patience, and FUEL YOUR BODY. Muscle needs food. Muscle needs recovery.
Summing it up- Progressive overload of exercises that work for YOU, eating to grow, and PATIENCE😊🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 2013 to 2017.
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If you can't get "here" with yourself how do you expect others to feel that way about you ....

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart." - Confucius.
Location: @theclubbarbados
Photog: @russellmuscle
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Appreciate everything in your life, appreciate the opportunity that you have right now to create a great life, appreciate where you are right now in life, appreciate the fact you have Internet to read this, appreciate the phone you are using, appreciate the people around you, appreciate everything!
When you become truly grateful for everything you have in your life, that's when blessings will start to show up in your life.
That's when God will start giving you everything you need to move onto the next level of your life.
Until you truly appreciate where you are right now in life, the doors of opportunity will never open for you.
I know for a fact the reason I'm so blessed is because everything I do, I create it not only for myself, to help you win, to help you get a better life, to help you create something magical that impacts the world.
I appreciate you all so much!
Thank you for being here with me on this journey!

What believing in yourself can do! Not to forget a great partner! Essential. | Follow @classworthy 👈

A leap of faith will never stop being scary, your belief in your own ability just gets stronger with time. But you can't strengthen that faith muscle, and truly realize you have nothing to worry about, until you get to other other side. 5-4-3-2-1-JUMP. #5SecondRule


Turning 30 this past year was a milestone for change. My twenties were riddled with making random friends and meaningless relationships with people I knew weren't right for me. I'm finally at at point where I've always hoped to be since my early twenties. There's no one I care for or love in this world more than myself and of course my immediate family. It's taken a while to get to this place. As I grow older I see life and its realities for what they are and the truth is that no one in this world will ever be as good as you can be to yourself. This past year I've put myself above all and no longer tolerate anything better than quality in all aspects of my life. #tbt #growth #reflection #wisdom #love #happiness #grateful #motivation #tattoo #beach #persian #puertovallarta #vacation #motivation #muscle #gym #fitness #fitfam


Sometimes we care too much about living a life that just is not for us.We care toooo much for striving for societial goals.That we don't take a moment to analyse the choices we are making and the reasons behind them.
Very few question if the life they are leading and building is enchancing and developing ones soul and authentic self.
. #selflove #selfcare #innerpeace #innertruth #happiness #happylife #joy #bepostive #belove #lovethyself #loveandlight #lightworker #createyourlife #selfworth #knowthyself #empowerment #wisdom #positiveaffirmations #positive #spirituality #lawofattraction #personalinsight #spiritualjourney #rebirth #gratitude #change #growth #divinefeminine

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True words coming from the Ultimate Tom Hardy, embrace the fear, #survivor #motivation #fear #growth

"It's okay to get lost once in awhile, sometimes getting lost is how we find ourselves" 🌊

Fear can either grow you or hold you captive. Double tap if you agree. #fear #smallbusiness #entrepreneur #growth #feelthefearanddoitanyway #goals #business #businessowners

Being a single Mother ain't easy especially when they get older. I am so surprised how I am able to write this as tears fall down my face. Just know when you see my five the enemy has to flee. I got my babies backs. When no one else was there they always was. They seen me in the dark times. We rode through no food, electric and gas. They were there when I couldn't get out of bed because I was so depressed. God gave me these babies and I will climb a mountain to make sure their happy include lions, tigers and bears on the way there I got that. I love my babies we gone make it with or without the crowd. To my Richards 5s I got you. (P.s- those spiders though well hey that's what friends are for 😂) #desiretoinspiremums 💜👑

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