The weather isn’t always sunny
Even in California the days are funny
But Oakland is full
Full of pride and culture
The people are rays of sunshine fueling one another
They light up the Town
Drumming in the street bring folks around
Other cities in the distance
Come to be a part of resistance
Dancing, art, music, poetry
A true community

Just pulling in to say, I am thankful for this day. I have reached another finale wrapped with endless possibilities...now, tomorrow, and even months away.


Empower yourself everyday!

We've talked about how to handle #criticalpeople as this week's #TownsendTopic. Praise is great to get, but there is always more work to be done when it comes to #growth! - JT #boundaries

I had the please of sitting down with this great man, @samwebb from @livinorg yesterday alonsgide my colleague @buggytracey.

I love the mission that Sam and his company are on, with the purpose to raise awareness around mens mental health and educate people so we can be pro active, not reactive to the symptoms.

Stay tuned, as this is only the beginning for this relationship between @livinorg and @isrtraining .


Bruh I ain’t gonna lie I look bad in this pic😂😂 but fr I’m so happy and thankful to have all of you guys supporting my music. I love all my fans bruh fr💯 you guy are why I do music in the first place, and I hope that y’all find meaning in my music and that it helps you become the best version of yourselves🔥 thank you to everyone that’s been supporting the album! It’s reaching crazy heights💯 luv y’all 🙏🔥💙
📷: @chanaperture
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Who is this man that stands before me? He has become better than the man I married. His actions exude love, without condition. His words are the wind at my back, guiding me around every obstacle of my brain injury recovery. He is my window to the outside world and the hands that breathe life into my words. He holds me steady, as the world around me moves. I seek refuge in his arms until the sensation of waves thrashing in my brain ceases. His smile conveys hope and has become my solace. My body yearns for the medicine that is his laughter as it heals every wound. Our hands unite in a sacred bond, as they did on our wedding day. Only now, we walk through the thickness of our journey as our vows lead the way.

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I have this thing for seeing big moments as they’re happening.
Which may be a blessing that allows me to honor the enormity of tiny things- but I also think it can sometimes be the thing that paralyzes me.
You know, the thing that says- “everything is about to change... choose wisely.”
And as I paperclipped all of the paperwork for the rental application @simplywholehannah and I have filled out, and placed it neatly into an office folder and closed it, I saw the magnitude of what was happening.
You see, I closed a chapter a few years ago... and while everyone told me I was starting a new one, I think the truth was that I have been floating somewhere in between the last word of one chapter and the turning of the page.
I literally have been mid-jump, hanging between to trapezes for a long time.
And as I closed that folder my hands finally found the courage to turn the page. To hold onto the new bar in front of me, that will swing me towards the next jump.
Between chapters is scary- mid-air is scary... no one tells you what to do or think or say... no one tells you where to look or where to reach for- you just have to find your way.
So as I drove to Portsmouth to drop off the application- I honored the moment. I honored the fear of the unknown, the excitement of what’s to come, the sadness of who I’m leaving behind- a girl who didn’t think she was worthy of all the things she just decided to claim.
So tonight- I’m grateful for the tiny moments that stop time and suspend you long enough to allow you to see the journey from above, and then remind you to get on living it. .
Every choice we make matters. Every page we turn opens up a world to us that wasn’t possible on the last one. Every leap we take brings us to new ground...
Are you paying attention? .
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