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Welcome home, @hibzilla !! You’ll never want to leave again. #growinside #indoorgarden #plantlover #verticalgarden #indoorplants #greenwalls

Let there be light! Now selling full spectrum bulbs to keep your houseplants happy all winter long. #growinside #cityfarmpdx #howcanwehelp

Averee was very excited before she went to bed to see that her seeds are already sprouting, only 3 days!
The Tower Garden will never get old, I love her excitement for growing her own food.
#growyourown #towergarden #yearroundgrowing #growinside

The best time for new beginnings is now 🌸
#endingsarebeginningstoo #spring #newlife #growinside #glowoutside

When my mom went to Southern California in March to visit my Grandma Appleby, she brought back Meyer lemons & kumquats from my grandma's yard. When she got home we did planted seeds from the fruit. Two of my three Meyer lemon sprouts have been growing like crazy & the third is just starting to pop out of the soil! My two kumquat spouts just popped out this week & are already each 1 inch tall! 🌱🍋🌱🍋🌱🍋🌱🍊🌱🍊#meyerlemon #kumquat #socal #growinside

Look at the awesome seeds my coworker started up! #botanyscholar #growinside #seedlings

Cuando uno pierde algo, su desquite es que lo encuentre alguien que lo necesite


Talking about creating good habits, how about the habit of treating your body well! We only get one body, why not keep it running as smoothly as possible?! Let’s make a New Years resolution to take care of our bodies! The benefits from this can be so much more than you can imagine! One reason why I choose to live in wellness is because things I life I cannot control, but I will do what I can to be as healthy as possible. My son deserves a healthy mama and a positive example of self discipline and self control in a world of obesity, and disease. We must do what we can to give ourselves a fighting chance, and really love life to the fullest! Be good to your body, it’s not too late to make a change! You so deserve it!

Welcome home, @hibzilla !! You’ll never want to leave again. #growinside #indoorgarden #plantlover #verticalgarden #indoorplants #greenwalls

#seedlings are planted! 👩🏼‍🌾🌱
Crazy to believe I have started my #garden in December with temperatures below freezing!

#aeroponics #nogreenthumb #growyourownfood #fuel #gardenlove #wintergarden #growinside #indoorgarden #herbs #gourmetgreens

Work in progress per il mio albero di natale avventuriero di quest'anno! 🙈🤗 non ho più spaziooo 😱
Work in progress for my Christmas adventure tree of this year! 🙈🤗 i've not already spaceee!!! 😱
#knightsofventure #newproject #christmastree #handmade #maplife #adventures #mountainlovers #naturelovers #linktheshiba & #climbergirl #amazingworld #pics #friends #italy #freedom #hikingmaps #hikinglife #somanyadventures #growupyoursoul #growinside #dreams #thankful #happiness #lucky #lovefeelings #love ❤🤗🏔🐶🔼❄🍃😊💪

Anyone use hydroflask? I 💗mine, especially today. It kept my coffee hot for the last few hours of my intermittent fast while at work. I have other insulated coffee cups but my hydroflask is the only one that keeps it hot for that long! Breaking my fast with a hot cup of coffee with coconut butter is...everything to me! Let’s just say I enjoyed it😉hydroflasks maybe a bit pricey but so worth it!

Loving my @jamesoncampindy #outdooreducation t-shirt & award! Big shout out to @briannesandlin for her awesome t-shirt design & organising a great #endofseason dinner! #getoutside #growinside #LoveCamp #CampLife #J1visa #americanadventure

Exercise is my therapy. My journey has brought me to love exercising for so many reasons: more energy, calming my mind, stress reliever, feeling of accomplishment, keeps me focused on a healthier lifestyle, mental and physical strength. Trust me it was a process to get where I am, and still have a way to go, but I practice little habits that help me with my discipline, motivation and consistency. I share my journey in hope to help motivate or inspire and meet others who are on a similar journey! Happy Sunday!

I don't have anything to prove to anybody, which is a lovely place to be... edward norton 👍👍 #Shine #Happy #BeYou #Strong #GrowInside #DoYourThing #GoodVibes #SoulFood #Fearless #Focused #BeFierce #BecomeBetter

Позади еще одно мероприятие - и мы все больше сближаемся с ощущением себя какими-то нео-хиппи, опять появляются мысли о трейлере, и вообще - очень много интересных мыслей, словно вот-вот сбросится эта наскончаемая пелена.) Дети, шарящиеся по лесам, да по фестам вслед за своими родителями - есть в этом какая-то... какое бы подобрать слово))) Смотря на них, вне привычных вновь (эх...) четырёх стен, я не могу не радоваться тому, что мы делаем, даже если не все складывается удачно. Давайте, растите уже быстрее - будем качать толпу вместе!!)
Мысль - расти в действие. Борьба - расти в плоды света!
#фестивальспб #futurefamily #растемвместе #вместесдетьми #growinside #неохиппи #woodfood #мирпрекрасен #family #хиппи #hippieinside #силавнутри #будьсобой #ктоты

Nutrient change time. Got the water emptied out and refilled with fresh nutrients. Tomato has really grown a lot since I improved the light source. Not only that but the roots on this thing is crazy! .
#hydro #hydroponics #veggies #rootfarm #growinside #tomatoes #tomato #nutrients #water #nosoil #lighting #led #cantwaitforfruit #roots #growth #homegrown

Wellness is more than physical health, to me it includes mental wellbeing. Words from the wise, who have walked the walk, and now share the gifts with those who want to listen. Striving to be a better me... how about you?

Make a change if you want something different. Three months ago I decided to make a change. Was it scary? YES. But the support, the possibilities, and the positive community of support made it a win! I’ve met some of the most amazing individuals, accomplished goals that I’ve never dreamed of, I have a stronger kind as well as body, and I feel great. The best thing is I share it with my family and friends. Make a change if you want different.

Grow my pretties! 🤗 2 types of pineapple I've finally got to root. Here's to 3 years of waiting for the fruit lol... #yyc #yycliving #freezingcountrytropicalfruit #growinside #fruit #pineapple #yycphotography #yycfeatures #growyourown #growyourownfood

If you ask me Tai one more year living or one less year to live?
Ill definitely and instead reply: ONE MORE living! I’ve had so much MORE great experiences,friends,places,more sunsets,nights full of stars,one more eclipse day,a unforgettable shower of comets,more good and bad days (yes sharing both),more winds on my face messing up my hair,more blood racing on my veins of excitement and scary feelings,more new beginners,more smiles and sometimes more tears. Sometimes unexpectedly tears and bad days just appears, others you already know they may will be hard as difficulty and challenge days,but I slip it out and don’t keep that so long so I can remember more the good ones. Sth in my personality is strongly persistent. All what I can say of turning one more year is: I’m so so proud of my journey,the person I’ve becoming,the person who share and try always leave the best on people life. Sometimes I just forget to slow down because I usually demand too much from myself and it’s got a lot of pressure,pressure that no one needs put on me,I definitely do it myself. That makes me sometimes overwhelmed but I realize the results when people come at me asking: “how did you do that?” And then everything show up clearly on my mind: “ I wanted it,I made it up.” That’s sth about ME. I’m not better than anyone else outside. I’m passionate dedicated persistent and as my friends say intense. But I’m not here mentioning material things,I’m proudest myself for the person I’ve becoming inside and even growing up and learning I still keep the spirit and my essence shining up. The person who likes being emphatic and kind. Who sees the better and good on others without and before knowing them. I’m thankful everyday for getting from the universe so many privileges as having the amazing and greatest people on my life that never give up on me,for everything what I have and I got. I’m better each single day,starting over a new morning,a new year to get even better. Thanks life for the opportunity xoxo,Tai. 🎈✨♥️
#keepgrowing #keepmoving #growinside #goforward #startingstronger #imhappyandproud #idonotapologize #storyofmylife #californiatime #california #nature #beach #ocean

#wellnesswednesday ...Wow! I hadn't realized how far, as a person, I have come in the last year! 😳Truly FEELING good and putting myself first has changed my life! There are two completely different people in these photos. This reminds me of something I read yesterday.🤓
A son comes up to his father and says, "I wish I could have more time with you." The father agrees that he would like the same. The next day is Saturday, so the father says, "I'm free all day, let's spend the whole day together tomorrow!" The son agrees. So the next morning the father gets up nice and early so he can have his coffee and read the paper first. As he is reading the paper, he son comes and pulls the paper down and says,"I'm up daddy, let's play!" The father, scrambling to stall the child so he can finish the paper, remembered seeing a picture of the World. He tears it up and says, "the first thing we are going to do is put together a puzzle." So he starts back to reading his paper. Much sooner than he expects, the boy pulls the paper down again and says,"All done!" The father is astonished and asks the child how he did it so fast! He explains that he was trying to put the puzzle together and it was REALLY hard. It was super difficult and he couldn't figure it out. Then he noticed he dropped a piece on the floor. When he looked up at the bottom the the table, the back of the puzzled had a man's face on it. He said, "Put the man the together, and the World falls into place."
OMG I just got goosebumps again. This really hit home for me. You cannot expect a better life if you aren't willing to better yourself!
Coaching has been the key component to finding who I truly am and loving the shit out of myself! I am so glad I took that first step and said YES! Yes to something different and yes to myself- to taking a chance on me, knowing there is so much more! A life of happiness and fulfillment are right in front of you! Right the F here! If you want to know more about coaching leave your email address (without the .com) below and I will send you a message! If you know you need this in your life FOR SURE, the link to sign up is in my bio!
Happy Hump Day! 😘

Cuando uno pierde algo, su desquite es que lo encuentre alguien que lo necesite

Today's prompt for #simplygratefultogether is #houseplants, and I have a LOT of them! 😄 But this one is my favorite. That's probably why he's also in my favorite pot! When I was growing up my mama always had houseplants all over, and she still does! Although she never gardened, I think she's where I get my love of plants 💕

Love yourself. Acknowledge what makes you different than everyone else, and let your heart embrace it. Love starts with you.

It’s a good thing to get out of your comfort zone from time to time. That’s where you learn and grow. Have faith and don’t be so hard on yourself, if it doesn’t work out like you expected, still acknowledge your effort and growth!

The saying... I workout to burn the crazy 😜, is about 95% true for me. But seriously, it does help me wake up, gives me so much more energy throughout the day, less stressed, and more level headed when people try and pull out the crazy in me! Working out is not about being cute or out together, it’s pushing your limits. It helps me believe afterwards I can pretend like I’m put together😉

If we don’t have our health, we can live a stressful, painful, frustrating life. If we have the choice to be healthier, we are choosing to live happier. Make the right choice

Set your goals and that’s half the battle. Creating a plan to reach your goals is the second half. Be specific with your daily tasks. And then schedule them. Nothing is too little to put on your schedule. It will keep you focused and on track.

Averee was very excited before she went to bed to see that her seeds are already sprouting, only 3 days!
The Tower Garden will never get old, I love her excitement for growing her own food.
#growyourown #towergarden #yearroundgrowing #growinside

🍅home grown year round 👌🏻 #towergraden #homegrown #tomatos #easygardening

Let there be light! Now selling full spectrum bulbs to keep your houseplants happy all winter long. #growinside #cityfarmpdx #howcanwehelp

Happy inside growing in cold season (Khmer herb) but I don’t like the little bugs around the pot, anyone know what to do? Have anyone had this problem when big pot of soil in the house? Please get me idea🙏🙏

Inside grow kaffir lime tree when weather is bad cold. Hope it grow well till next summer.

Happy #halloween weekend!!🎃What is everyone going to be?👻 #tgif

Your mind deserves a break as well. On my rest day, I include activities that allow my body to rest from strenuous exercise but still be active. Taking time out to relax and de- stress the mind as well is so beneficial for your health as well!

Do something that makes your palms sweat and gets your heart beating faster outside of exercise. In the past two months, I have jumped into at least three activities that made me completely uncomfortable. Before deciding if I should do each one, I ask myself, “Would I grow from this?” And if the answer was “Yes” then no questions asked, I was in. Was it scary? YES! But I knew even if I fell I was falling forward, and I would learn from it. So I encourage you to take the jump and do something uncomfortable with intention to grow.

How cool is this? The reading material at the barbershop.

Live and love life. Nothing beats enjoying the world around you. #growinside #playoutside #bamfam #bambox #microgreens #healthyfood #healthyliving

If you take on something new and step out of your comfort zone do it with faith and confidence. As long as it is within your plan to get to your goals, it’s going to be a step forward, growth. When was the last time you were give the opportunity to grow and took it?

So excited about the new indoor growing lights for the tower garden !! Woot woot. Such a great new addition the the already amazing technology !!!
#aeroponics #lovemygarden #towergarden #technology #eatfresh #urbanfarming #growyourown #growinside #towertotable #freshfoodinside #nolimits #ilovewhatido #jprocks

Don’t compare yourself with others, you are different with different strengths and gifts. Only strive to be the best you!

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