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Am I transphobic if I don't date a girl because she used to be a guy or is that different

Do we need gun control?

This series has such a good plot 👌🏽🙏🏼💯 I always make sure to get an episode in right after bible study 😇


Last one is the most important crossover

#2012vs2018 is going around so I thought I’d share some knowledge... 2012 I was diagnosed with several grotty mental health problems, and had all my hair cut off because somehow I thought it might make me “cleaner” or clearer of the horrible cloud of pooey depression that plagued me. I was a sub-par university student living with my parents. But I was getting help. I took the first steps to getting support and I am super proud of 2012 me for doing that. 2018 me has had he fair share of struggles too for sure but it’s a lot easier knowing that for six years I have been working on making sure I have the support network I need around me to take care of me. 2018 me has a good job, a mortgage, a fiancé (who, to be fair, was there in 2012 too), a beautiful cat baby and an exciting few years ahead. If I could go back to 2012 me I’d say thank you, and say that it’s all gonna get way, way better. 😊🌙

When our house got robbed the only thing the thieves found was a 24 pack of ramen noodles.Nothing else.No pots, no pans, no oven.We didn’t even have a sink we just had a rectangular hole in the counter were ants and beetles fucked.

The only time a black man should leave the kids 💯💯

Forget that why the snail a furry now 🙉


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