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I don’t know what they are planning or talking about but I hope it’s not trouble lol thanks ate @maeshielaasentista for the photo 😁#momsofinstagram #momdiaries #momofboys #2outof3 #myboys #boyswillbeboys #stolenshot #brotherslove #brothers #kidsofinstagram #growingtoofast #myloves❤️ #blessed

Happy Birthday Son, keep making me proud.... 😘❤️😘❤️😊❤️ #birthdayboy #growingtoofast

Just a little #throwback to when we brought Nash home at 2 months old, weighing 15lbs. He’s now 5 months old weighing 54lbs! #growingtoofast #greaterswissmountaindog #puppiesofinstagram #nash #swissy

Willow is turning 4 in January and we finally just transitioned her to a “big girl” bed.... haha we are probably late to this game.. parents are always shocked to hear at 3 she was still in her crib, but it worked for us.
Sharing some tips to make the transition a little easier on the blog! Link in profile. #bigkidbed #growingtoofast
When did you transition your kids to a bigger bed???

Enjoying every single second of this. Because I know I will blink and it will all be over 🎐🎐🎐 #babyshyla #bubbles #playtime #alldaywithher #bestfeeling #canttakemyeyesoffofyou #growingtoofast

One last post for the day (I know there's been more than usual) but I'm currently all in my feelings so I thought I'd share. These photos are the last photos of Braden being an only child. Let me tell you that was NOT an easy concept for me to grasp, honestly it's partially to blame for my postpartum depression (even though now I couldn't imagine my life any other way) .
But I really did enjoy the time I had alone with my first born. He made me into the person I am today. We did so many things, he may not remember all those special memories that just him and I got to make but I will. I will cherish all those moments for the rest of my life. Time has stolen another year from us, he will turn another year older on Saturday and I'm just sitting here googling "how to slow down time" as I drown my tears in a glass of wine. I know I'm a mess but it's only because my children are my world and one day they will be grown and these memories will be all I have to hold on to. So for now I will be overjoyed watching you learn new things, I will soak up every minute I get to spend with you at home because I know school is in our near future (unless I can talk my husband into homeschooling 😉) I will live in the moment. The other night you looked at me and said "I love you to the moon and back mommy" and my whole world stopped, I love you the the end of the universe baby boy.
#longpost #sappypost #mommasboy #mysonshine #mybestfriend #momandson #mommyandme #momblogger #momblog #mommyblogger #memories #sweetmemories #mamasboy #myson #momlifeisthebestlife #momoftwo #boymom #myprince #myfirstlove #growingup #growingtoofast #motherhood #mothers #motherhoodunplugged


2 days, 2 body parts.

After the last 2 workouts this week my inner thighs and love handles are both sore.

TOTAL WIN!! The only problem that I'm having is today is a rest day and I don't know what to do with myself. Working out isn't a punishment when you do it right -- and with the right people!! I used to think of getting in shape as a treadmill and questionale gym routine that i haf ti wait 6 weeks to see result .... Love my inner circle of fitness challengers and that they don't have to wait 6 weeks to get results (most drop 5-15lbs in the 1st 21 days eating MORE food than their norm!!) And we have room for a few more this week!! So instead of gaining unwanted shape this holiday season, how about getting into shape and learning to love the process with us?

And because I'm 2 sore in those 2 places, I'll throw in my last 2 bonus gifts from last month to the next 2 who commit 💙.

Starts to walk at 10.5 months... #growingtoofast #thatscream

2017-18 kindergarten and Pre-School 😍 #schooldays #toocute #growingtoofast

"It is not joy that makes us grateful; it is gratitude that makes us joyful."
YOU control your perspective and the state of your heart in the situation you are in today - even when you can't control the circumstances. Choose gratitude and grace every morning. Grace and gratitude go hand in hand. 💗✨

How is this monkey 2 already? @danmontero17 Seems like only yesterday we held you for the first time. Wishing my little man the happiest 2nd birthday...Love you 😘😙 #happybirthday #growingtoofast #herecometheterribletwosagain #twoyearsold #bigboy

My little pumpkin 🍭🤗🍬#growingtoofast #mypumpkin #boymom #thankful

When I look at you, I believe in magic and miracles ❤

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