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So for my animation series I wanted to see if I could draw the cartoon characters myself, as you can see I'm not a very good drawer but with time and practice, patience, and continuing to learn I know within a month I can accomplish so much. Nothing is truly impossible you just have to have the time and patience therefore I will remember this day of below amateur work and compare it to my progress. How can we truly be great if we are unwilling to learn new things? I might have a long way to go, but I bet money I will get there. And anyone willing to give me pointers any advice is greatly appreciated.

Browsing through some old pictures tonight, all the people you once hang out with, the places you used to go all seem so distant. The things you didnt think important at all suddenly come up to your brain cortex and you feel like this is some of the sweetest memories you have ever had. This feeling just blows me away.
Thank you for everyone who have appeared in my life no matter if we have chatted just for one or two lines, or we have spent years together. All so memorable.
#feelslikenanny #growingprocess (?) #iwishyoucouldhearme #everythinghappensforareason

God Is Not Done With Me , What he want for me He will make it happen if I want it to or not when I think I’m ready and when I’m not ready ! NOT TO SELF ! #wordsofencouragement #goalsetting #goalsetter #lifelessons #growingprocess #livingtestimony #blessed #blessedbythebest #iamelecia #stlhairstylist #eleciathestylist #love #laugh #learn

The word play in life can be sweet if you can comprehend people fail to look at things different than they were raised you got to get of your comfort zone to level up in life #GrowingProcess know yourself and then you will know the world ya heard me #Moor 🇲🇦👳🏾‍♂️👁🤴🏾🇲🇦

Guess eye’m like Danny Glover on lethal weapon 4 eye’m getting too old for this shit lol it’s the #GrowingProcess been this way since eye was #24 like #Kobe eye’m trying to own some land ya heard👂 me #moor #PyrmidBuilder 🇲🇦👳🏾‍♂️👁🤴🏾🇲🇦

#morningthoughts ..... thought processes flowing in the A.M. 💯Been this way, never had silver spoons. Understand when you need help you need help, nothing wrong with asking for help. But never make it a habit to always rely on others for assistance, because you make others become a clutch and every time you need help you go running too them cause you know they will always say “Yes” I’ll help you. Sometimes you also have to say “No” too people so they can stop being dependent on you and learn to fight their battles on their own. Learn to handle your business on your own without wanting help from others. Do you, stand on your own and be independent, hustle for what you want in life. No one never said life would be easy because it’s not! Life is a learning process, we all learn as we go in order to grow. Growing takes self discipline, learning from experiences and perfecting those problems so you don’t make those same mistakes. #learntoodoforyourself #noclutch #independent #growingprocess #nothingwrongwithneedinghelp #dontmakeitahabit #nosilverspoons #doyou #hustlehard #grindinlife #goodthingscometothosewhoworkhard #marinateonthat

Haven’t posted one of these in a while!! I’m nearing the end of this program and the strength I’ve gained amazes me!
Small changes each day leads to big changes in the future! It’s all about the little things people ✨

Now let’s get out and enjoy this perfect Friday night! 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️

#GoodAMGoodPeople - #TrueStory from @etthehiphoppreacher We all have a past. Don’t let your past Haunt you, let it Humble you. #YepYep #growingprocess

"Your body has it's own wisdom, use that. Your mind can grow into a great giant as far as intelligence is concerned, use that but dont be used by it. Your heart has so much love, so much beauty, it can fill the whole universe, it is oceanic. Allow it to spread and expand. Get to know your own being, use your consciousness, your awareness" #turiya #conected #meditate #yogini #dwipadaprapadasana #osho #explore #growingprocess 🌱🍃🐦🐦

Here’s what I know: when God wants to grow you, He makes you uncomfortable.
Growth simply does not happen without a little discomfort.
And discomfort is really hard sometimes. You feel uncertain about your gifts, you feel attacked by doubt, you feel chased by fear.

Today I felt that discomfort SO intensely, I was physically sick. But the most amazing friends were in my corner, speaking truth over me & into my soul. 🙏🏼 That’s where i found comfort in the discomfort.
Realize that God never gives you less than His best.
Not once.
So let’s wait well for our rainbow after the storm of change.
Keep fighting for the dreams you KNOW were sown into your soul for a reason.
I promise it’s worth it. Every single time. 🌻

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Guess ima let it grow. #beardgang #growingprocess

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