Growstone Mix This! Soil Aerator is the ideal aeration component of soil mixes. Its highly porous aggregates act as ‘air pockets’ significantly enhancing aeration and drainage of any sphagnum peat, coco coir or composted soil based mix.

"Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul."
--Luther Burbank

#GardeningTip: August and September is the ideal time to divide irises and daylilies.

@rainbowcityfarm - we just cannot get enough of your amazing photos ✔️ check out these healthy pea shoots grown on our hemp grow mats 🌿🌱 we love spreading the word about all our commercial growers, so don't forget to tag us in your progress pics!

GS-3 Aeration Coco Mix advantages are: it's designed for frequent feedings, it's super aerated root zone, it releases soluble silicon, and much more. Click on the link in the bio and get yours today

We soaked our seeds overnight, sprinkled the seeds on our mats this morning and have stacked our trays. We like to deprive our seeds from light and stack them on top of one another for the first 48 hours, still misting once or twice a day. We find that the weight encourages strong germination and the darkness ensures the seeds are thirsty for sunlight, allowing them to grow stronger 🌱🌿

Stocking up on perlite . Perlite is volcanic glass which is superheated to pop and expand over 10 times to form an extremely light weight and inert material very suitable for use as growing media in hydroponic methods of growing. #perlite #hydroponics #autopot #growingmedia

Snapdragon flowers resemble a dragon, and if you squeeze the sides, the dragon's mouth will appear to open and close. #FunFactsFriday

Marvellous combo of silver succulent foliage against the rusty iron urn.
#succulents #ags #pottingmix #growingmedia #nursery #landscapemelbourne #plantsmelbourne

You can buy Growstone by the truckload if you have a big project for a farm or greenhouse. You'll get a discount if you do! Order a truckload and save big today

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