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The strongest steel has to go through the hottest fire.
Push through whatever you're going through and realize that you are bigger than your problems. The trials that you are facing will do nothing but make you stronger.
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Don't forget the streets that made you (Inspired by @wilfordbrimly who knows these streets all too well) (#follow @the.couch.whisperer for more)

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Family goals
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Believe in your heart that you're meant to live a life full of passion, purpose, magic and miracles. Always remember where you came from and stay humble!

Left 👈 or 👉 Right?
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💥 A staple of my chest workouts is Cable flyes.
The basis of my chest workout is comprised of multi-joint, multi-muscle compound movements (Bench press with variety of bench angles and wide weighted dips) but to ensure the ultimate sculpting of your chest isolation movements, like cable flyes, are imperative 💯
Ensure slow controlled movement. Focus on slowing the eccentric contraction for ultimate muscle exhaustion 👌🏽
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✨Tuesday, 8/22✨
Let's talk about letting go and how much this eclipse is asking us to do so... This isn't always the easiest task. I've had numerous kinds of readings where the interpreter said "let go, let go, let go" to me over and over. OKAY BUT OF WHAT AND HOW?! The night before the eclipse I realized how much old pain still resided within me. An amazing person in my life has set out to do amazing things, which meant less time for fun (aka me). Through this mini-abandonment alllll my childhood pains and fear rushed to the surface. My heart was being twisted and crushed. Repression is a sneaky little bitch.. so instead of running.. I stepped into the pain. I honored the process. I sat there and cried, journaled and talked to my mom who left the earth 12 years ago. I'm sure all wasn't released but here I am healing a new layer. Realizing this belief of "all who I love will leave" and rewriting is to "Love never leaves." As long as we believe a belief, it's true for us. No matter how silly it seems to our logic. RIGHT NOW, we are being asked to release so much and to find peace in doing so. Then we will be free from its weight and can climb to a new level of consciousness.
#TLDR Let go of the pain and fears you carry by stepping into them. Acknowledge them, feel them, express them and release them. Let it wash away! Rinse and repeat. #loveneverleaves

When #she give you that feeling you never felt before it opens doors you never knew was even there #motivate your #spouse the #key is to #grow together not apart #facts #positivevibesonly

Few weeks before I pulled it
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