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Heyyy! 👋❤️
How are you all? 💛
I'm watching Live island and damm! 💚
I'm on day 5! 💙
Thank you for 9.5k!
Like my recents !? ☄️
Date: Wednesday the 21st of June 2017!
Time: 9:56
Qotd: Grover if Jason as Percy's best friend ?
Aotq: GrOvEr !!
Tags:// #pjo #percyjacksonandtheolympians #percyjackson #groverunderwood #nicodiangelo #leovaldez #heroesofolympus #hoo \\

life is so good right now God bless ☀️
[by Cindersart]

Solangelo is my OTP why must I have feels.

Jason and Percy 😂❤️ -J

Cr to heichou-bender
Hazel is my fav

artist tagged (really hyped abt her answering my suggestion tysm!) *trigger warning* a group of freshmen at my high school somehow got to the roof of an abandoned hospital building and one of them fell five stories down the elevator shaft through a hole in the roof. he was stuck there for two hours as police tried to rescue him. he made it to the hospital but sadly died there. (people had the nerve to post jokes / rude comments about it like seriously what's wrong with people.) he must've been so frightened. i can't imagine what his family and friends are going through,, anyway please be safe this summer. don't do anything dangerous that you might regret, and always spread love not hate.
#percyjackson #groverunderwood


👌🏻💙i'm actually reading Percy Jackson again..🤷🏼 aaaaandd I'm going to do personal aesthetics, DM me if you want one🖤

[Fandom] Percy Jackson and the Olympians

[Character] Percy Jackson

[Quote] 600th floor, please

[Song] Demons, Imagine Dragons.. For @nienkeritmeijer 😂

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