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A "notable canvas by [Franklin Carmichael] which will probably be one of the most popular in the exhibition... a glacier-green stream winding between green hills... a wholly delightful painting... with nothing of stale picture-making about it..." This is how a Brooklyn critic described The Valley upon viewing it at a Group of Seven show in 1924. As much as the painting looks like untouched nature, this work was based on sketches of the Don River Valley close to Toronto's Yonge Street--a busy thoroughfare. On view in Out of the Woods: Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven until April 17.
Image Credit:
Franklin Carmichael
The Valley, 1921
Art Gallery of Alberta Collection, presented by the Edmonton Teacher's Association, 1926
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Some Tom Thomson detail for you #nofilter #groupof7 #canadianart

😺🎨😺🎨😺🎨😺🎨😺🎨😺🎨😺🎨Repost @canadianartcatz: Six of the Group of Seven, plus their friend Barker Fairley, in 1920. From left to right: Frederick Varley, A. Y. Jackson, Lawren Harris, Barker Fairley, Frank Johnston, Arthur Lismer, and J. E. H. MacDonald. Taken at The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto.

Chillen at the Heffel aucsh with my $9.5*milli Lawren Harris painting. Try and out bid me, @stevemartintogo, I dare you.

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Killarney bound. My Favourite place in ontario!

Support system when I'm going crazy ❀ thanks for tolerating me😩 MIA: FarIHsa #groupof7 #ccpr2017awards


I spent the last week at my family cottage, which is located right in the area where Tom Thomson went from anonymous painter to Canadian art legend through his death (murder?).
Tom Thomson is as ever close to a Canadian saint that we'll ever get, a shining star of Canadiana--paddling out in his canoe, camping, fishing, painting, the lone man in the wild, at the same time at odds and at one with nature. But What about the rest of him? What about the unsavoury bits? He has been made into a caricature of an untainted innocent, which (in my opinion) has always made him less interesting and less human.

Perhaps this is why the (maybe true) rumours of his murder remain, because it shows a human element to the story, a similar darkness or turmoil or tension that attracts us to his art.

Day 3 and 4

Today, thinking about entanglement with J.E.H. MacDonald's painting, "The Tangled Garden" (1916) on view at the National Gallery of Canada.

The #AGW Permanent Collection Look Again! Canadian Heritage and the Land showcases pieces by Canadian painter & #GroupOf7 member Lawren Harris! #DowntownWindsor

Art for War and Peace. Interesting look at the artists involved with the war effort through print making. Fascinating to see how the prints proliferated, creating a 'Canadian' consciousness and identity #artforwarandpeace #groupof7 #art #canadianart #wartimeart

alpacas overload! cuteness overload! #groupof7

Last chance to see #heavyhitters and #theboldandthenew this weekend! Join us for @sarniafirstfriday from 6-9pm. #Repost @esturtle77 (@get_repost)
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