Feathers and Crystals 💎🕊
This gorgeous copper feather with Opalite is available to purchase for $80 AUD($58US) +postage.
Message me for details 🌌

Goedemorgen 🙋🏻‍♀️
Een van de dingen die ik enorm merk met NAH (Niet Aangeboren Hersenletsel) is dat ik alle emoties sterker ervaar.
Blijdschap, enthousiasme, maar ook verdriet en boosheid. Zo kan ik hetzelfde reageren op een ijsje als een kind van 6.
En kun je je voorstellen dat onze trip naar Disney / vakantie enorm veel “kriebels” geeft.
Inclusief slechte slaapmomenten en stuiteren in de ochtend.
Ik probeer een emotie altijd te onderdrukken, maar dat lukt niet altijd. Vaak ben ik zó enthousiast dat mensen om mij heen moeten lachen als ze mij zien reageren. “Oh fuck”, denk ik dan, ik had mijzelf weer even niet onder controle.

Door de emoties zijn vakanties uit huis eigenlijk helemaal niet fijn, heel veel voorbereiden, goede planning maken, nieuwe omgeving en in mijn hele hoofd is het een wir war van jewelste, veel vragen, en ik hoor dan de fanfare, de Zate Hermeniekes, Ed Sheeran en “It’s a small World” door elkaar.
Daarnaast probeer ik dan de dingen te doen, die je voor een vakantie doet: Koffer inpakken, een keertje extra stofzuigen, nog een wasje draaien en gaat er miljoen keer de vraag door mijn hoofd: “Ben je niks vergeten op te schrijven?”

Door een goede planning te maken, Ashtanga yoga én deze olie, worden alle gedachte en emoties een beetje naar de achtergrond geschoven en kan ik mij een paar uur iets rustiger concentreren op de dingen die ik moet doen (zonder dat gedoe allemaal in mijn hoofd)
Deze olie gaat in mijn tas overal mee naar toe zodat, als ik in een drukke omgeving kom, ik even met mijn oordoppen in, in mijn eigen prikkel-vrije bubbel kan gaan zitten 😌👌🏼

Jammer dat deze olie nu op dit moment alleen maar in 5ml te verkrijgen is 😜

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Freja in the swamp

Hematite, Onyx, and Glass Choker on Leather. Hopefully, I am back from hiatus for good. A self induced 😕 mild concussion compounded the neurological problems I am have from two serious brain injuries I am recovering from, which left me unable to focus long enough to design jewelry. I recently started working with a Taoist yoga healer, and was told that I needed to wear Hematite for grounding. I concentrated my will and just create this choker for daily wear with Hematite, and I placed an Onyx Bead in the middle for mental strength. I was considering finishing the piece with additional leather knotting, and then I decided I would just fasten it around my neck by tying it in a knot. I will probably make more leather chokers in this manner because the closure makes for a highly functionable adjustable necklace, and in general, the style of the choker can easily be made unisex. #jewelry #chokers #Hematite #necklaces #beadwork #jewelrydesigner #healingjewelry #beadedjewelry #handmadejewelry #handcraftedjewelry #accessories #styled #leatherjewelry #handmadenecklace #jewelryoftheday #groundingenergy #vibrationaljewelry #jewelryforher

Family. 👫🐶 (Teeny tiny waaaaaay in the distance, but they’re there!)
So grateful that this is where we live. 🙌🏼
Week 39~ish and enjoying our last moments of being a family of 3. 😂🤰🏽
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You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first!!!🍀❤️
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Image result for benefits of hugging a tree
Though many still associate tree-hugging with a hippy lifestyle, hugging a tree can be good for your health. According to the book Blinded by Science by Matthew Silverstone, there is evidence that trees provide health benefits for mental illnesses such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and depression. #hugatree #treehugger #nature #groundingenergy

Planting my feet directly on the ground #grounding
Feeling the love sensation of Mother Nature all the way up through my body, into my Heart and finishing in my Mind, re focusing and energising my being back to a good place.

All I ever wanted in life was to be happy
Just like this rose that knows its purpose and transcends itself every single moment of its life
To give love vibration and gorgeous perfume to everything around it
But hindrance toward me from people I thought I could trust has finally taken its toll and I resonate exhaustion and disbelief
Rock-bottom, is this it?
What presently lives in my current reality has me stopped dead in my tracks
And now I watch and listen
The paradox of crossroads living
Life’s a b.... sometimes ain’t it!
But... this is when lessons are being learned and new skills and knowledge obtained
Updated downloads are entering and DNA evolving
I’d let my awareness become too clouded in subconsciousness, fear and doubt
I now I ask my Conscious Mind to remember my truth, to breath, to feel, to flow forth and honour my needs of soul first
And to listen to Me, myself and I
Manifesting my Heart-Mind
To reawaken ©️TIM THOMAS
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"Grounding is a practice of bringing balance back into the body through establishing a connection with the #earth. It's about being fully immersed, fully #conscious and fully aware of the present." Here is a grounding ritual you can try today! .
G r o u n d i n g S e q u e n c e
With your bare feet standing in the grass and absorbing the earth's nutrients, close your eyes and breath deeply. Imagine long roots extending from the soles of your feet, penetrating deep into the ground, soaring deeper and deeper toward the centre of the earth. Feel yourself grow stronger and sturdier, anchoring and rooting you to the earth. If you can't get outdoors, be that it is winter or you're working, sit comfortably with the soles of your feet on the floor, and practice the same visualization sequence through your Mary Janes or socks.
via ✍️ @roguewoodsupply .
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This right here is my nightly staple. If you are one of those that has a hard time relaxing your brain or winding down before bed, Frankincense may just do wonders for you! #groundingenergy
Oh.....and a little Lavender pillow mist never hurts either 😉
#essentialoils #youngliving #frankincenseoil

You are currently in an intense period of change & transformation. Many cycles are coming to completion & ending. You are guided to remember your power & strength to overcome any challenges. If any lower energy surfaces you do have the wisdom & knowledge to transmute & heal all. You are guided to meditate daily & to visualize the lower energy clearing away & returning to light. Research various methods & tools that resonate with you & make this a daily practice. Any old habits, thought patterns & programs are being lifted out at the deepest level of your being. This can feel intense but just know that there will be a renewed sense of wellbeing & creativity flowing through you soon. This transition will have a lasting impact on your life.
Along with meditation, please use sound therapy & healing music to help things balance. Bring into your being liquid gold light & allow it to bath your cells & entire body. Clear all negative energy within you by using the Violet Flame & imaging this powerful colour burning & dissolving all thought patterns that no longer serve you. Bless the past & all experiences as you step into the new. ~ Abigail Wainwright #transformation

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