Just a wee little trip into the blue.
There was a time in my life where I seemed to permanently see the world this way thanks to the magic of chemical constituencies.
What a lifetime ago that seems!
I regret nothing.
In fact, some of my favourite memories were under the influence of some grade A ecstasy with an 8 ball chaser.
But I'm honestly so fucking glad that those days are over and these days are drug free.
Omg, the damage I did!
Now it's only weed when I can swing it and the occasional drink.
What's your poison, sweet peas?

The #aftermath of the final #session with my first official #TheSpiral client. 10 sessions over 4 months. The #transformation is palpable! She is #grounded. She #knowswhatshewants. Her #expression is #real with #courage and #vulnerability. Her new found #clarity is #mindblowing! She has multiplied her #willpower, #motivation and #connection. I am one #proud #entrepreneur!

It’s international yoga day today and the summer solstice.
What a great time to think about trying this restorative and healing practice out.
We’ve been so blessed to meet and work with three beautiful teachers @renewedyouyoga @chloewardhealing @karmayouyoga to hold outdoor beach yoga sessions on our coastline and witnessed the power of harnessing the elements into our flow.
We’ve deliberately taken a little break whilst we figure out our new programmes for September onwards to create more holistic events.
Yoga is not only something which has personally transformed my life but I know it’s created space for others to reconnect to themselves. It’s brought friendship, light, meditation and calm and I’m much richer as a person for this.
Happy International Yoga Day and don’t forget you can do it anywhere 🙏🏻🌊🧘‍♀️🏡🌍
Love and light, Nat xx

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Lynx Medicine has been a life changer. It's lesson is to be silent, observe through clairvoyance, be still, and when you move do it quietly and powerfully. Especially when it comes to the "know it all" aspect of our shadow that we must observe, sooth, and heal.
It has been many months since my previous posts, speaking about ascension and philosophies. I have communicated from my Divine Self through these fingers and onto the Internet Collective, but it had an undercurrent of righteousness, and I forgive my past selves for that. This silence has granted me much perspective. Especially that of my own spiritual ego and savior complexes, trying to shake humanity awake.
Since then I have learned much through silence and speaking when necessary. My feline energy of my being flows powerfully and gracefully. Whether it be the Lyrean higher aspects of my Monad or the feline animal energies of my Earthly incarnations of both, I am grateful for this energy. The Feline, what I like to call the embodiment of Self Love.
As we are Source Consciousness, we expand into each space, time, and dimension, including the lower ones (1D, 2D, etc.) Animal medicine helps us balance into the 2D energies of our beingness and can help us in our experiences in the physical.
Being Pure Source Consciousness, we have the energies of each of the elements, plants, animals, and beyond within us. Feel into your being and see which Animal medicine needs to be called upon to aid you in your human experience. We can get overextended and unbalanced only focusing on our higher dimensional aspects of beingness.
Honor the lower dimensions of your being as well as the higher. The elemental, the animal, the celestial, the galactic, integrate them into Unity and Love. It will help you be more present within your body and with Gaia.
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PEACE OUT, AZ! ✌🏻 I’m off to rainy Indianapolis tonight! Every summer my company hosts an event with trainings and parties and announcements, but my favorite part is the inspiration! If you leave this 2.5-day event without reconnecting with your purpose, you’re doing something wrong! More so than ever before, my inner path (what I want) and my outer path (what I do) are aligned, but, with so many life distractions, we can easily get bogged down by judgment and lack. I always leave this annual event feeling FIRED UP, standing proud of MY journey, full of love for women who have helped me, confident that I am worthy of helping others, and basking in the greatest sense of gratitude for where I am and how I got here. 💙#thismomentisall #noregrets #soulonfire

Hi I’ve joined the oils gang... No I’m not selling them, but yes I’m addicted! I know, it’s trendy and everyone is doing it... Call me basic 😂😂 but I’m in love!
On my blog I’m sharing the 7 oils that cover all bases - skin health, spiritual health, relaxation, dealing with our monthlies, healthy hair and scalps, immunity, metabolism even hangovers!
I have a thing for anything that’s natural and brings positivity. Head on over to my blog to read about my blossoming relationship with oils ... I promise you will get at least one remedy out of it ... link in bio lover xxx

The name INALA is an Australian Aboriginal word meaning 'Place of Peace' 🙏🏽 #myinala #placeofpeace #weightedblanket #sleepproducts #calmness #grounded

As I started to feel grounded, my makeup skills improved. Personal growth is a must, for me😙

We grounded her to the box 📦😂 Shes didn’t mind 😈 #sofiawitt #gettingintotrouble #troublemaker #grounded #box #devilishsmile

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