Ok nous allons commencer par cette chienne nommé vous savez Dejas, here we gonna bout to talk in English french Nd italian ok so .1 day you gonna b American don't worry keep pushing(be a whore, suck every celebrity dick married with a kid shame on u we all know u in Europe) keep pushing mama you will have your green card nd you will be Rihanna 😂😂 oh I forgot u are not aliyaa to think you can make peoples call u "baby girl" lmao france france france u will have an other international Rihanna if u keep pushing lmao fuck them french(industry) always following America god damn b god "negushienne "said no hate just the truth nd stop fucking think peoples hate u cause is not the true stop playin the victime ,they are tired to see ur fake ass bitches acting like everything is cool cause bitch nothin ain't cool whore u have a
light skin so u think ya better than black peoples ? Bullshit it's sad so many black girls so talented in france , but the french industry working hard in u to b rihanna lol nobody sign them talented women's cause if them color but u "pute de luxe" defjam signed u cause they want you to be the new eupean rihanna right?
Its so easy to have a sexual relasionship with your manager "current situation " damn anyway oh 1 thing why u always delete peoples comment ?cause u got no personality no pussy to answer tell peoples straight fuck u I don't care bout what you think lmao, never forget ur followers came from Balotelli ok so stop fucking Think u r perfect cause u r not its easy to have a body/face/teeth/nd more done , stop thinking #shayizi follow you bitch never forget the date on your pictures if you see correctly you gonna see you follow her lol no hate, it's easy to buy an other image come to America nd other country nd acting like a Angel for make them believe you are such adorable lol #Hoelifestyle#putedeluxe#groupies#profetionnalprostitute#hoesbilike#fannyneguesha#hoesaintloyal#puta#mierda#merde#chienne#slute#sidehoe#grosspute#millajasmine#B2oba#booba#shayzi#unkut#fannyneguesha#unkutteam#millajasminteam#shayizi#nabillateam#kaaristeam#charrot#niska#neguesha#ninineguesha#negueshasquad#babygalnini

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