Gotta love these cuddly little kitten brothers of mine. They are destructive, crazy, wild little fluff balls. Their hobbies include fighting, putting every choking hazard they can find in their mouths, getting into every place I try to keep them out of, beating the crap out of each other, licking my face while I sleep, eating THEIR food, eating MY food, and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, they LOVE LOVE LOVE SNUGGLING. Long story short, I have the equivalent of two toddlers in my home and am not prepared for human children. They are tiny terrorists, but I sure do love em! #GrizzlyandBear #MyBoyz #KittenBrothers #catsofinstagram

All Tuckered out and its only 7 am #grizzlyandbear

Can't wait to see these cuties #grizzlyandbear #brotherandsister

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