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Exploring the back streets of Soho in Hong Kong

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#marchmeetthemaker Day 15. WORK CLOTHES. In this line of work comfort is the name of the game most days. Sweatshirts, jeans that's my uniform. If I'm shooting a wedding I'll swap them for stretch Lycra bodycon (thanks American Apparel, you were great while you lasted!) You never know in what weird and wonderful position you might end up in to nail that shot! #brightonlanes #workclothes #grittycity #grittystreets

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04 . 2017 – A
Steps of dust
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Ghost In The Shell.📽️

Enjoy The Silence / Ki:Theory

@allflavornogrease Chef Keith. We filmed with him for the Los Angeles episode of Fluffy's Food Adventure with @fluffyguy down "on the ocho"

Went to the @r_o_n_e exhibition in an abandoned house in Northern Melbourne tonight. The work is incredible but coupled with the setting - unreal!
#rone #omegaproject #lonelyplanet #melbourne @r_o_n_e

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