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Introducing Social Gal for the binger of Netflix and favorite reads, social butterfly who is all about community and friendships while staying in the know with what's going on and current events. Tag a friend below who fits our Social Gal and get excited for its debut this fall in our Alive Issue! | photography by @lolabell #TrendIssueAlive { via #livingcreative } #socialgal

I love my cute widdle family ❤️

We hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday, we are so close to the weekend! As much as we love working towards our goals it's important to take time to relax for a while and let your body recharge. Maybe that's going for a walk, bike ride, or even just relaxing with good conversation. There are many creative ways to get the rest we need to accomplish our goals! What are your favorite ways to recharge?! Photography by @therefinedwoman

I want to do it all. I also want to do absolutely nothing ✌🏾#mondayvibes

Currently binge watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix ☕️ and trying to figure out what to talk about in my next video. I would love to dive into any advice I could give. Maybe chatting about being a lady boss, staying motivated, loving who you are, forgiveness.... What would you love to hear me share? 💕 #livingcreative

You are magic! ✨ Don't ever apologize for the fire in you.

We hope you are having a fabulous weekend enjoying spending time with loved ones and making memories! Photography by @allegraroseb

Success takes grit. It takes passion. It takes time. It takes community. And it’s different for everyone. How do you define success for yourself?
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Grateful for faithful friends, grateful for free plane rides, grateful for My God who created these breathtaking mountains in an INSTANT! Grateful for the reminder that He is steady and constant just like these mountains. Steady in the storms and sun, and ever present; even when I dont see Him. #standingat13000feet #alpinelevel #thatsnotgrassdownthere


|| i thought that I heard you laughing.. but that was just a dream || The date may change but itll always be the last friday of this month that you went away. That I remember the last thing you said to me, the last funny thing you asked. The last time my heart was whole. Now when I hold your little girls hand, Im desperate that I never let her forget you. I tell her mommy's kisses are in the wind, and in the butterflies on flowers. I dont even know how to end this sentence today; || I think I should say that Im not looking for pity or sympathy or even an outpour of comfort. I talk alot on here about being real and raw because we live so much in a "make everything look like I have a grand life" on social media. Im telling you its okay to be a mess. Embrace those days because they make us remember we are not in control. We do not have our own plan. Be a mess. Its okay to be a real mess. I think it helps us connect and love deeper.

Blush shades .
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:: you can be the juiciest peach in the world and there still be someone who doesn't like peaches. Its never worth trying to be like someone else when God created YOU to be beautifully YOU!💙💛

Less Monday- more Summer. Oh wait, today is just Tuesday 😳🙈

I love new experiences. And in this amazing city of Abu Dhabi you can always expect to be WOWeD! This is at Le Meridian Hotel for Iftar. Its in the heart of the city. So many new changes since moving here 6years ago. Where do you live?

sometimes i try to create with a limited palette 🎨 just to see what happens. ✨✨✨the random pencil marks are courtesy of the toddler. he likes to collaborate 😜☺️😊😘

Hello summertime meals ☺️🙌

Grateful for faithful friends, grateful for free plane rides, grateful for My God who created these breathtaking mountains in an INSTANT! Grateful for the reminder that He is steady and constant just like these mountains. Steady in the storms and sun, and ever present; even when I dont see Him. #standingat13000feet #alpinelevel #thatsnotgrassdownthere

So very grateful that I get to love you everyday..even when its hard and we're reminded that we are human. Lets be real, some days are harder than others but Id never change it. Happy birthday to you, my incredible hubby😍🎉🎈 my heart swells for you💕💞

Today was a day for the books. Today we explored the most beautiful town Ive ever seen. We dream of seeing the wonders of the world, when they are at our fingertips. We fall into thinking we have to go to far off lands, where tales were told and there are ancient ruins to see. And we miss the marvelous wonders in our backyard. Less than 3 hours away is this fairytale of a town, brimming with history and charm. So many times in life we miss the little things because we only look for the big things. Look for them and you may fall in love with a cobblestoned street town with ivey covered mansions on one side of the mountain and two streets over, perfect stone cottages with colorful doors and incredible stone walls hold up the other side. Sometimes you don't need a 10 day trip with your passport to see the world, its possible to do it in one day and you might be surprised to what you can find 🛤🗻🛶🍻☀️☺️

Always take the scenic route 🕶🛤🌤🌲⛔️📍💚

Avocado Lime dressing || Not pictured: the avocado that made this yumminess happen 👌🥗🥑🍈 I get that avocados are all the rage for healthy eating, and I wish I could enjoy a smooth ripe one on my salads but we all have foods we wish we could eat but cant. Eating these cute green things straight make my mouth itch like nothing else 🙄 but I LOVE avocados so Im always on the hunt for ways to eat it all mashed up, because I can☺️ so I ventured to make my own Avocado Lime dressing, and this bad boy is Gluten, dairy AND paleo free! (Which means its just avocados, lime juice, spices and water😆 suuper simple) Not that I eat that freedom everyday but ya know, I try. And for not having a few key spices the recipe called for, a little improvising and maaaybe a little too much salt, I think ill keep this one!

Happy Monday loves!! Something easy for you to do on a monday to help you get going, Drink fruit infused water, your body will love you for it! 💚💛🍉🍋🍓🥒😁🙌

The root of J O Y is gratefulness. Not circumstances. Joy is a decision, not a feeling. Its a brave decision because it runs deeper than despair. You are allowed to choose joy in the deepest part of heartbreak because its not a feeling. It sounds like a oxymoron if you dont know the difference. People have told me that they have watched me this past year not lose my joy and how much they admire that. In truth some days I cant even find joy, much less show it. But somehow my God has let me shine that gift towards others even in my dark moments. The moments I dont let anyone see. The ones where Im left screaming and feel like my heart is being ripped out of me. The ones where Im dry as a tumbleweed on a scorching Arizona day. Yet somehow He hasnt left me to shrivel up because Hes not done here with me. My sister's time on earth may have ended a thousand times earlier than I wanted but I cant be mad that I get to keep living. And loving. And keep being grateful for the things and people I still have . Its a brutal oxymoron. But God promises fullness of Joy in His presence and Everyday I have to choose that. So my story can bring encouragement to others loss. Even when I dont think Im able to, He is able.

|| You are not what you think you are. Unworthy, Abandoned, Alone and tired. There is a glory to your life that the Enemy fears, and he is hell-bent on destroying that glory before you act on it. This part of the answer will sound unbelievable first; perhaps it will sound too good to be true; certainly, you will wonder if it's true for you. But once you begin to see with those eyes, once you have begun to know it's true from the bottom of your heart, it changes everything. .
The story of your life is the story of a long and brutal assault on your Heart by the one who KNOWS What you could be and Fears it. (Waking the Dead, by John Eldredge)

I love my cute widdle family ❤️

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