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I'm Dying 😂
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My earliest memories of the gym revolved around feelings of uncertainty & inferiority. When I was at school I was never the leanest, or the strongest or the most popular kid & when I first set foot in the gym, I felt like those issues (or what I felt were issues at the time) were only perpetuated. I felt even less lean, less strong & less popular in a place that was well & truly out of my comfort zone.
It isn't easy to overcome those sorts of feelings & those voices in your head telling you that you don't belong. They speak louder than most. Despite our best intentions to portray ourselves in the manner we wish, at times it can be difficult to put on a brave face you feel as if you're a fish out of water & when you aren't quite sure of yourself or what you're doing.
If I've learned anything it's that the voice inside your head isn't always going to make you feel inadequate - the mind is powerful beyond belief. Even if you feel out of place & have done for some time, if you feel as if you don't belong in the gym or any situation in life, know that feeling that way won't always be the case, and that you do have the power to change that, despite how helpless you might feel. They say confidence is a stain that can't be wiped away - but it's also something that can be learned, developed & practiced over time.
You might not feel at home in the gym (or elsewhere) today or tomorrow, or next week or even next year, but I promise you it gets easier. We all have the right to 'belong' wherever it is we want to. If it's important to you I promise that it will absolutely get easier & in the mean time, if I can help you with that transition, please let me know how. #TeamNCF

If you're still looking pretty after your workout, you're not training hard enough!😜

Everyone has a gift just let it shine we all need you, this is your calling☀️ everyone else is already taken ☝️
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Double Tap for this unseen Zyzz pic 👍
Good night brahs 🔱

Start thinking big picture, and set goals that will force you to level up. There is no growth in the comfort zone, so stop thinking about average goals and go big. Nobody became massively successful by thinking small. 📚
Have goals that cause people to hate on you, and prove them wrong. Let your success speak for itself, and continue to strive for your goals. It's not about the destination, but it's about the journey.🔥
Why are your goals for 2017? Comment below 👇🏼

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Super fun weekend with @nikikic at the #2017winterclassic ! Great show, and got to see @justlily__ Kick ass to take 1st in her class! Got in a killer leg day and later met my teams fearless leader @freakmaker1 🙌🏻 Such a great feeling to be in the hands of an incredible team!
It never fails- I go to a show and leave inspired and motivated as ever. Stoked to see Nikki Prep to crush Northerns and excited to see how much muscle I can build these next couple months. Feeling Fired up!🔥💪🏻🔥💪🏻😈

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I have to be at work at 3am and can't sleep #nosleep #grind #earlystart

Lunch time meal prepping. Keeping with the keto them I made carnitas, chimmurchhi sauce, broccoli slaw and lime in a lettuce wrap and chicken avacado salad topped with pepitas, broccoli slaw and lime. Looking forward to lunch this week!!! #mealprepping #sundaycooking #ketostyle #eatclean #ketosis #ketolife

I know they mad coming soon We gone pop out we gon hit em up. 💯 Brooklyn run the 🌎 nobody safe. You don't want smoke. #nosafety #brooklyn #hungry #gang #nosleep #onsite #nyc #fl #money #power #respect #doa #grind #hustle #streetshit #richniggashit #miami #scarefave #richporter

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