I love waking up to sales❤️❤️❤️ now it’s time to go get ready to feed the beast some more🤑 #amazonfba #amazon #feedthebeast #hardwork #dedication #hustlehard #reseller #ecommerce #shopping #shoptillyoudrop #wealth #millionaire #grind2build #arbitrage

Grateful & Patient! #grind2build

If u listen closely u can hear the guys I’m running towards to saying.... awww shit.... lmao damn i swear i don’t feel i look that big for my weight i mean shit i ONLY weigh 260 🤷🏽‍♂️ 😩😩😩 man this next race i got in November should put me in the 200-220lb Club though! #grind2build

I could complain about a lot of things in my life that i wish were different but i won’t complain about still having my father in my life #toughmudder2018 #grind2build

Tomorrow at noon me & pops will be going at it.... we are doing the FULL marathon 🤴🤴🤴 not gonna lie i haven’t really trained for it considering the fact I’m a full time student, I basically work full time(36 hours a week.. CLOSE ENOUGH),i study for classes whenever i get a chance and march was spring break month so i was working even more! So basically tomorrow is just for the experience but I’ll have fun though! The triathlon I’m doing in November I MUST TRAIN FOR THOUGH! #grind2build


Listen twice/Speak Once #Grind2build

You have NO CHOICE but to appreciate a woman who speaks of her man like this because she will do ANYTHING & EVERYTHING for her man.... BUT in this situation you also have to be VERY CAUTIOUS of this woman too because she will also strip u of everything too and make u feel the pain you inflict upon her (considering you have feelings)..... this song is longer than 4:56. Auntie Mary always been speaking to the people! LISTEN TO THE SONG PPL & THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX IF YOUR MIND IS CAPABLE OF IT! #Grind2Build

Never in a million years would i think i would be interested in science and now i find myself watching greys anatomy plus rick & morty #grind2build

They don’t like that shit 😈 #belly #grind2build

April 7,2018 I’ll be participating in my third obstacle course race.... my first tough mudder (FULL 10 miles & 20 obstacles) and my first with my pops. He does iron man events so i know he won’t slow me down lol can’t wait to show y’all what’s gonna go down #Grind2build

365 felt SOOOOOO much better!!! #grind2build #easyday

335 felt like SHITTTTTT! I wasn’t comfortable with it at all 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ #grind2build

Looking for my 6 Rep max.... 315 felt easy & good #Grind2build

Left.... no woman, could barely do a push up, living pay check to pay check, not in school, no beard
RIGHT PICTURE... Happily in a relationship with a great woman, Money great, about to graduate, does push ups and squats easily and HAS A BEARD..... boy lemme tell u a beard makes a difference 😭😂😭😂😂 #grind2build

Plan to succeed

Zoom in👀 Analyze & take notes ✍🏾 Overstand & Overcome 💪🏾 Major 🔑 #GrindLife #grindneverstops #grindtime #grind2shine #grind2build #grinditout #grindhardstayhumble

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