Beauty courtesy of @manmeatbbq Roll call who's love NY strips??? Always #manmeatbbq on all your BBQ posts and don't forget that a new podcast comes out every Thursday at manmeatbbq.com and via iTunes. #FireCookEat #steaksonthegrill

Yum! Who would like one of these for dinner? Courtesy of @chefsand New dish in the works. Lobster Puerto Nuevo style #FireCookEat #lobstertail

Some very beautiful marbling. Courtesy @mayurastation Get a look at the marbling in these steaks! Today's offering at our on-farm restaurant The Tasting Room. #FireCookEat #wagyubeef

So it was Taco Tuesday today, but I'm thinking Wings Wednesday tomorrow! Who's with me?? ✋✋ Courtesy via @clobrieh_mench_products BBQ Chicken Wings Use our Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves While Grilling, Barbecue & Cooking Buy our BBQ Gloves at Amazon & Buy Link in Bio #FireCookEat #wingwednesdays

Yummmmmy! Courtesy of @ayhanekinciofficial You will enjoy the Best tasty Ribeye steak our restaurant!!!🔪 @ayhanekinciofficial #FireCookEat #grilledribeye

Back it up...grilled pies?? Now, this is something I'm gonna have to try! Courtesy of @wildwoodgrilling Grilled pies! See how on our recipes page. #FireCookEat #blueberrydessert

Is that mac n cheese on top?? Courtesy of @mr.porkatarian Thinking on having little #snak in preparation to a new week. @tasty_khoshmaze this #burger looks #delicious and totally porkatarian approved 🐷💥😋 #FireCookEat #macncheeseburger

I need one of these! Courtesy of @firebox_stove The Amazingly Versatile Folding Firebox Bush Stove! Camping food at its best! Enjoy all the conveniences of stove top cooking using fuel found in nature! All while creating a campfire ambience that is true to the spirit of the classic camping experience! #FireCookEat #campcooking

Full meal, one grill. Keeps dishes down to a minimum. Courtesy of @smokin_ty Those ribs for the birthday boy! Dusted with @four41south and served with grilled corn on the cob and bacon wrapped asparagus! @flamebosssmokes kept her on cruise control all afternoon! #FireCookEat #bbqribs

I want to go to a steak tasting! Courtesy of @thegrillcookers Throwback to steaktasting by @mr.nicefood. This ultra delicious simmentaler dry-aged steak melted in our mouths... 10/10!!! #FireCookEat #steaktime

Check out those beautiful chicken wings @pitmaster_koliba cooked up! Pic courtesy of @pitmaster_koliba Chicken Tuesday! 🔥😋👊 #FireCookEat #bbqchickenwings

Mesmerizing.... Courtesy of @oufanbbq Steak on the weber tonight #FireCookEat #grilledporkchops

Beautifully delicious! Courtesy of @zimmysnook Grilled flank steak with chimichurri sauce. The parsley in the garden is still so healthy, I thought I’d try to use some up while I still can. Wishing everyone positive, productive and safe week! #FireCookEat #flanksteak

Have you ever done 役肉(yakuniku) before? Video courtesy of my nephew. #FireCookEat #yakuniku

I feel I'm a pretty organized person, but this totally beats me out! :) Courtesy via @blackstoneproducts @msagz99 keeping his breakfast organized and looking sooo good. #FireCookEat #breakfastgoals

Cheesus, I thought that was peanut butter at first. Hopefully it's cheese instead! Courtesy of @jowtexasburguer E hoje é nosso último dia funcionamento antes do Natal! 🎅🏽🍔 ⠀ Que tal aproveitar as comilanças do final de ano saboreando um delicioso burguer? ⠀ Esperamos vocês a partir das 19h.! #FireCookEat #burgerlife

Now, that's a beast! Who could eat all of this themselves? Any volunteers?? Courtesy of @bbqaoa Here's a nice little 40oz. Tomahawk from @lksdkitchen to start off your day right!! Who could put this entire steak away by themselves? #FireCookEat #tomahawksteak

Beer (or soda) can chicken is so easy and so good! Nicely done there @leonardo979bbq Beer Can Chicken 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #FireCookEat #beercanchicken

I ❤️ you! Happy Thursday! Courtesy of @steve_red_eats #FireCookEat #Grilledsteak

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