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A little bit of solitude 🌱

When mum always gives you your brother's hand me downs and they NEVER fit.

Had a great time at Jeff Gillettes opening at @gregorio_escalante_gallery 🐒💜🎨 #mynameischamaco #chamaco #griffon #brusselsgriffon #jeffgillette

Look at that! We're on dad's arm, forever and ever.

\Happy monday!/ ・

朝から ピカピカ いい天気〜(‧⃘︠◡‧⃘︡) ・

今週も よろしくね⚑ ・


I love how every time Duddy picks up Noodles little gifts, she always kicks some extra dirt on him just for good measures.🙊😂😂

THIS is the best thing you'll see today. This MAYHEM happens every single time we come home. Pancake puppers emerge magically!!


Me & mum💖💖

In the city, socializing🐾

My boys...... & Lulu ❤

Loved riding the boat yesterday with this little dog. He's so precious! #griffon #brusselsgriffon #mypuppy

Are we going to the beach? Yes?

Llámame loco, pero esto de ir al medico a mí no me da ninguna gracia, que lo primero que hacen es meterte el termómetro por donde cargan los camiones

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