Hey #partypeople !! Today I continued #day3 of the #zacklangchallenge by enjoying a lovely hike with my friend Sean and a nice visit to the #griffithparkobservatory 🌌🌌🌌. .
#continuethechallenge #practicepracticepractice #friendsday

📍3723 Amesbury Rd., Los Angeles, Ca, 90027
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Beautiful home, stunning views from every room in this home. Los Feliz hills..
Open 1 - 5 today. Drone video by @stormw77 .

To those with a fear for me/fear of heights: That’s your fear, not mine! I thank my parents for never holding me back as a young adventurer girl, Tom boy. As a child, I was let to play outside in nature without supervision. My father never told me to get down, just be careful, and he allowed me to learn my strengths and problem solve and flourish, and my mother did her best to do the same, most of the time, even when I’d walk to the edge of the Grand Canyon to peer over. I was always a tree climber. As a young child I’d scramble up anything with low enough branches. I’ve gotten stuck in trees when nobody knew where I was, and found my way down. I’ve had best friends fall out of trees from 8 feet up, and end up with only a few cuts and scratches.
Then it was rock climbing. And mountain climbing. And mountain biking to the top of Moab cliffs and hanging our feet over the edge. Then it was flying trapeze and flips into someone’s outstretched arms to catch me. I am not afraid of heights. I’ve stood at the top of the Eiffel Tower and looked down. I’ve got caught on rock walls with no clear way down. I’ve been stuck trapped in snow forts without anyone knowing or saying where I was. I’ve raced down mountain sides on skis and snowboards. I’ve raced in packs of women including Kelly Clark, through snowy curves and jumps. I’ve hucked myself off snowy cat tracks and done front flips into deep powder. I’ve gotten stuck on heavy snow days in the trees, with people and by myself, upside down in powder. And through it all I’ve survived and found a way out, over, up, down and through it all with minimal stitches and bones broken + enjoyed it all and thrived. I wouldn’t say I’m an adrenaline junky, not compared to most of my freestyle ski and snowboard friends from Sun Valley and Ketchum, Idaho, many of whom did go to the Olympics or have become extreme downhill professionals.
But I was never doubted and that I am so grateful for because it allowed me to explore with confidence, (continued on comments)

During World War II the planetarium was used to train pilots in celestial navigation. The planetarium was again used for this purpose in the 1960s to train Apollo program astronauts for the first lunar missions. 📷 by #laadventure #griffithobservatory #griffithparkobservatory #losangeles #apollo #california #dtla #dtla_everyday

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