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love for theo from cousin mary pat 💙 thank you for capturing this, ashley. xo .
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crystals • rose quartz • heals my heart. what do you use to help ? a song ? a bath ? a smell ?

sounds heals • working on a sweet sound now xx

our twins memorial 💗 with our recent loss of Loey • we are making time to remember them • I wish it was so different • I wish I did a million things differently but I’m healing and this place heals me #griefmama

I don't talk about this loss often, because frankly I don't quite get it or understand. Honestly, it didn't have as great impact on as losing Rowan but it's still there. But I just don't quiet understand. ...But in October 2016 I found myself not having my period for weeks. My body was still adjusting to that summer from when I lost Rowe. But every week I was taking pregnancy test after pregnancy test. They all came back negative. I told myself I was going to take a break. And I did for a week and a half.
But then I just decided to take a couple more - and they came out positive, light, but still there. I was so, so excited. My husband was away on a business trip. I remember calling my mom and sisters, yelling, "There's two lines, there's two lines." I was in shock and shaking.
My husband came home the next night. I had taken about 10 or 13 pregnancy tests; I just couldn't believe it. But I wrapped them all in a box and told him I had a gift for him. We were both so excited.
But then the next day I started spotting. I had already called the doctor and made my first appointment for in a few weeks the day prior. I called back and told them I was spotting, so they told me to come in the next day. I was crushing.
I already loved this little bean so much. I went to the doctor, by then I was bleeding a lot. My cervix was closed and my doctor told me to have hope. So I did. I prayed, all my friends and family were praying.
We had so much hope that everything would be okay. I did blood test and got it back in two days, and that's when we read that I was having an early miscarriage. I just broke down and cried in that moment.
Luckily it was a Sunday and I just spent the day with family. But I soon jumped back into life and I felt okay. Anger did come from it, but I didn't feel such sadness. It was much different than losing Rowe. I wasn't as connected as I was with Rowan.
I still don't quiet understand it.
Have you had an experience with multiple loses that has been different than the others? #miscarriageawareness #ihadamiscarriage #pregnancyloss #griefmama

Self care is so important. What does it look like for you? I like to sit near my window and really enjoy a cup of coffee. Sometimes, I can do this in peace and sometimes Naomi is running around like a lunatic singing, but hey. As long as I get five or ten minutes! ☕️ Happy weekend! Don’t forget to request your Mother’s Day card. 💌 | mug: @ladybeeboutique

Pink :::
I never really was a pink lover
But it reminds me of Loey
So now when I see it
I see her
💫 finding the little happy moments
Is a key part of our healing + honouring our little ones
I invite
2 look for those moments 💓 || the ice cream helped
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"As I landed in Salt Lake City, my heart just soared. It was as if the mountains were chanting, 'Welcome Home Megan!'
My soul needed this trip, I knew that in that moment." || #ontheblog is my trip to Utah. My trip out West was much more than a trip to visit a friend, it was a trip about finding peace with God, finding joy again, and just being happy. 🌞 #saltlakecity #utah #familyisforever #mormon #imamormon #family #bless4 #blessedgirl #believer #peace #infertilitysucks #love #griefmama #findingjoy #joyseeker

do you dance ? do you dance by yourself ? how does it feel when you do ? movement is healing

Because glitter washi tape is fabulous 💯 I want to put this stuff on everything! What do you guys have planned for this weekend? And have you signed up for your Mother’s Day card? :)

"Grief is perhaps an unknown territory for you. You might feel both helpless and hopeless without a sense of a 'map' for the journey. Confusion is the hallmark of a transition. To rebuild both your inner and outer world is a major project." -Anne Grant 🌞 #griefmama

Like I said, the moments of peace are few and far between. Today has not been easy. We made the first step in donating something of Wyatt's. Diapers meant for him. They will go to a woman and her baby in need. But it is hard to let go of them. They were perfectly set up in his room, waiting for him, organized in a diaper caddy. But we were ready to make this specific decision. This part of the process will be slow and we will take all the time we need in deciding what to do with each and every part of Wyatt's room.
I need to also use this post as an opportunity to voice that we do NOT want unsolictiated advice on anything related to our son's room or items. People can not help themselves and often tell us what we should or shouldn't do. It's not your decision, it's my husband's and my decision - together. Often the comments offered on what to do are unknowingly hurtful. "Paint over everything. Get rid of it." ... His room is and always will be filled with so much love for Wyatt. Our hearts are poured into the mountain scene on his wall. Just because Wyatt is not here does not mean he brings us pain, his death does, but he does not. He brings us joy and love. Wyatt will guide us through this, always. Today was a little step. I left this note with the diapers, inspired by Tommy's mom @kirbycolleen Who does a random act of kindess on Tommy's heaven day. .
So today, do me a favor, all of you. Hold your loved ones a little closer. Let go of the little things. Be kind when you don't feel like you should be. Wyatt taught us how fragile life is. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, so love today. Xo. .
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This spring I am offering (free!) Mother’s Day cards for angel moms. As an angel mom myself, I know how heartbreaking it can be to not be recognized as a mother on this special holiday. The deadline to request your card (for you or someone else!) is Monday April 30th. Click the link in my profile to submit your request! Please share this if you feel led to do so. 👼🏻💌

New blog post is up! You’ll want to read this one!
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When I first launched my heartbeat sound wave prints, I only had the ability to use the soundwave from your ultrasound pictures. I can now create sound waves from an audio file or video taken on your phone. A couple Moms sent me videos this week that they took during their ultrasounds where the heartbeat could be clearly heard in the background. It worked perfectly!

The start of my journey started in May 2016 when I discovered I was pregnant, just about four to five weeks along. Meet my sweet babe Rowan. This is the last ultrasound of him that I have. As fate would have it, I lost Rowan at 12 weeks pregnant. But my journey of motherhood continued. It's been a journey of grief and loss, it's also been a journey of tender mercies and strength unknown. I am grateful for my womanhood and motherhood. I am grateful that I have a natural ability to care and love. I do believe I will see my son again. I will forever be his mama. His ultrasound sits on my shelf and I look at every day. 🌞 So this is my journey - a big part of my story. I am a mother. #iamamother #griefmama #motherhood #madre #dearestmadre #dearmother #womanhood #love #lifeafterloss #ihadamiscarriage #miscarriageawareness #joyseeker #love

Hi! I'm Megan, nice to meet you. I'm the face behind this IG account. So what is this account? It is the beginning of sharing stories of different mothers around the world. There are so many stories and so many different definitions of what motherhood is. So come along for the ride! ❤ #motherhood #dearestmadre #dearmother #mama #griefmama #photog #family #womanhood #strongwomen #strength

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