So today Athena and I worked on quite a few things. We worked on whip desensitizing, send offs, half send offs, send offs around the barrels and then we went on a walk. She did pretty good with it and was a little miss looky loo on our walk but other then that she did pretty good.
Do any of you just ever get into a funk. Like one where you just don't feel like doing anything and don't feel like you're doing good??
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pretty lady ❤️

Monday Julie lesson: neverending lead change work. And turning. Claire immensely enjoyed riding in the rain. Her only complaint was that her glasses didn't have windshield wipers. 👓☔ #eventersofinstagram #eventing #eventer #eventerproblems #aqha #greymare

Other people’s horse VS my horse. 😂 #ottb #notphotogenic #greymare #lovemyhorse #cracksmeup #besthorseever

Pulled Katniss out of the pasture did some ground work, and gave her a much needed bath. She loved it 😘
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Galloping for days 🤯 with @shaylin.glowach

Hace unas semanas, Furia y yo "concursamos" por primera vez. Y no podría estar más orgullosa. A pesar del ruido, la gente, el micrófono, la música, y los nervios de la espera hasta su turno en la prueba, completamos el recorrido, algo inseguras por el ambiente diferente pero confiando plenamente la una en la otra... #Furia #8yo #greymare #moodymare #showjumping #horsesofinstagram

Silky rocking it in Stadium at Bath Pony Club yesterday! ☺️
So unfortunately because of Azura’s leg, we could not take her to Bath this past weekend, so instead I took Silky... They were nice enough to let me move up to Novice and switch horses! The down side was that Silky had off the whole week off before the show because Azura was going haha 😂 Sooo I was expecting it to be a disaster, but it wasn’t! We ended up in 7th place out of 10 people... While that wasn’t all that great obviously, our personal rides were awesome! Starting off with Dressage, Silky 🎃 was so amazing! She has never been that relaxed and steady at a show before! Unfortunately, I was so focused on riding her I totally blanked on my test and went off course, making our score a 37.8 instead of a 35.8 but no biggie haha🤦‍♀️😂 I think the judge was tough, because out of ten riders, the lowest score was a 33! Next was stadium and we had double clear! So very happy! It’s only our third Novice, so I was so stoked! And lastly, Cross Country! Of course she was a perfect angel! Jumped everything like a beast! Funny story: right before jump #9, my hair net flew down into my face and I was blinded... My amazing and honest horse jumped the ditch and galloped up the hill to #10 without any help from me at all! I didn’t get my hair net out of my face until right before #10😅 We had double clear xc too! Since everyone in the division (except for one person who was eliminated) jumped double clear on everything, it was all down to the Dressage score! Thanks to my off course mark which brought my score up 2 points, I was put in 7th 😂 But none the less, Silky had her best 3 rounds by far yesterday! So so proud of her! Stonegate Horse Trials this weekend! Who is gonna be there? Fun fact: Mr. Mac and @erica_plazony_ are speed demons on XC like Silky and I! They were only 2 seconds slower than us! We basically had the same xc time! 😏 Can’t wait to see you guys again! ❤️

Sleepy much?😴

Sometimes she’s feeling 22 and sometimes she’s feeling 4 🐎 Lady is truly a horse with heart 💕 #horsesofinstagram #horse #barrelhorse #barrelhorsesofinstagram #greymare #aqha #nbha

Hey guysss 👋
I’m going to start posting daily again so hopefully you will b active 🎉 anyways I had a lesson yesterday on a mare called Dutches 🐴 she’s a 6yro 15hh skewbald cob and I really like her:) she’s actually really good expect for trying to follow the others and pulling the reins out of your hands when you come Down to walk, when she’s following others she speeds up quite a bit and is quite hand to slow down 😂 but we did flat work then some light-seat over poles(😂) and ofc I wasn’t looking up the first time I did it and she yanked her head down and I nearly fell of the front of her In walk *EMbaRAInG MUcH?* but she was quite good after that except for tripping over the poles whilst I was in light seat 👍🏻 *by tripping I mean sje left one leg behind after she tripped so then she stumbled again and then kinda hopped over the next pole😂* but yeah I quite like her😄 anyways I going to see abbbie today dunno if I’m riding if I am it will only be hacking but if the scraps of hay is still in the field and hasn’t been eaten or soaked by rain then we can make it into jumps 🎉 that she will probs just run thru but yanno😬

I’m a BA for @pawsnponies feel free to use my discount code #sj_pony10 for 10% off your whole order🎉

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A lovely day out with the four shires bloodhounds at dudwood 🐴👌 #houndsplease #hounds #irishmare #greymare #hunter #houndexercise

Mini-throwback to last week! Another XC training but at a different location this time, I really liked it there! If you swipe you can see a little course that we did, including a fail-moment.. we're still working on her bravery 😂
After this training Coos had an easy week, she deserved it!

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