Running new trails last week with my favorite trail bud.
Ridges are where it’s at! 🙌🏼 So in love with these mountains. Can’t wait to go back this fall when the aspens are poppin’!

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I first felt successful when I was 13 and in a show called Seesaw. I came offstage and heard the applause of the theater audience and felt a sense of accomplishment. Around that time my role model for success was Burt Lancaster. He was one of the first ac. (Quote by - Giancarlo Esposito)

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Relationship goals ❤️
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Самые романтичные рассветы конечно в Каппадокии 😊

Nice Flathead drift fishing the creek a few nights ago. The @team_minnow_bucket whisker bomb rig worked perfectly for drifting, if you’re looking for a simple weighted rig to use for catfishing id definitely suggest picking up a few. Very happy to find this Flathead amidst all the bluecat I’ve been catching lately, they both have a completely different method of fighting once hooked and it’s usually pretty easy to tell them apart! •
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Who needs to breathe when the smoke looks so pretty at sunset? 😅#bcstrong

The guardian of the wilderness

I was laying in bed at the air bnb on my recent road trip & spotted this waterfall right down the hill on a map and I would have totally missed it otherwise. With only a name & not much other research, it ended up being magnificent! Sometimes ignorance is bliss

Had the most amazing week with my favourite people at @shambhala_mf ! Spent a couple days recovering from all the fun in Nelson with a couple beach days, a hike and some awesome local food. Fell completely in love with all this city and everything it has going on. ❤️❤️Potential new home?? 🤔🤔🤔

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