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Is that a flag pole? Oh wait, it’s just @russell_mclagan #greenzonewarwick

Mind over matter – let’s do this! #greenzonewarwick

@steph_b0412 knows exactly what her back and abs need. Keep up the good work! #greenzonewarwick

Up, up and away! Isn’t that right @russell_mclagan? #greenzonewarwick

Proud, but never satisfied...


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I threw these up in my stories during the week but figured I’d put them up as a post so people can re read them, let them sink in, and go back to them if they need...

Breakfast of champions? Yes please! #greenzonewarwick // Image via @perth.cleaneats

“Don’t do any crazy legs, Kiah, we have a big session tomorrow” @hayleysherriffs hahaha oops built up to a push of 140kg .
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Client @progressivenik here working his way up to a one rep max of 110kg (seen here doing 105kg). When Nik first came to me he had been in an accident which resulted in one of his legs being injured and required Physio and taking things back to square one. He done everything properly, took his time and didn’t rush the process. And now he’s back even stronger then what he was pre accident. When injured I can’t stress enough to not overdo it, listen to your trainer and/or Physio and follow the instructions ! Good work Nik keep smashing them goals !!

Remember when those cravings kick in, your body needs nutrients not sugar #greenzonewarwick

As much as I liked being this lean, it’s time to work towards a few new goals. Over the last 12 months have been focusing more on circuit training and cardio and my strength has suffered a bit. Over the winter months I’m looking to regain my strength and explosive power. To do this, a decent amount of time needs to be spent in a calorie surplus. Which unfortunately will sacrifice being single digit body fat, but hey it’s winter, and I’m sick of being forever hungry (anyone who diets and says that you don’t have to be hungry either isn’t dieting properly or doesn’t have an appetite like i do 🤷🏼‍♂️). So time to hit these new goals, and then next summer bring in my best conditioning to date...until then abs 👋

Chicken and vege soup that has everything in it!
Chicken, carrot, celery, sweet potato, onion, zucchini, pumpkin, paprika, turmeric, vegetable stock, parsley, spinach
With Parmesan and black pepper bread!
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Remember that time we were monkey-ing around? Nothing’s changed! #greenzonewarwick

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So I just completed a 19 day cut and these were the results. What did I have to sacrifice to get these results? What diet did I follow ? Did I cut out carbs ?....read on...
Absolutely nothing was sacrificed. During this 19 days I went out both weekends and had a big night drinking out till 3am. And yes that included the kebab at the end of the night..
I also went out and had pub meals with friends, enjoyed my social life with no restriction..
But then how did I loose body fat if I’m doing and eating all these bad things ?? I COUNTED MY CALORIES.. every day made sure I was In a defecit. I used my Myzone belt & polar belt to track calories burned during exercise and I counted every calorie I consumed. When it came to the nights out, I just over estimated how many drinks I thought I had and over estimated the calories a little too and made sure I worked off any calorie surplus I put myself into..
Yes there were days when I slipped up and ate over my calories, I’m only human. But the way I fixed it is I would push some of the calories from the day I went over to the next day, then make sure I did a little extra in the gym or just ate EXTRA good that next day to get myself back into a defecit. Over the 19 days I created a 10000 calorie defecit which is what the above looks like in terms of fat loss..
You say counting calories and all that is too much effort? Well you enjoy living boringly and playing a guessing game with fat loss and wonder why it’s taking you a month or so to loose a KG, I’ll be over here living life, having fun, getting almost instant results, and only taking about ten minutes in total each day to track my intake and output ✌🏼✌🏼 🍸 🎉.

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