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Pilea peperomioides progress: new leaves coming out after the repotting (now in 5" pot, was in 3.5"). There are 2 pups emerging from the soil! New leaves are somewhat deformed at the edges - let's see how they turn out...
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This is how our dog is starting off the weekend! How about you? 🌿🌿🐕🌿🌿

Dobrej soboty ☀️ Zdjęcie z Warszawy, ale pozdrawiania z Podlasia 🐓🌿🍀 #warsawjungle

Room essentials 101: put a plant in every corner 😉
📸: @lindseyalouie

Thanks to everyone who participated in #100reasonstogarden I've loved reading every one's reasons. We all have so much in common! Here are this weeks finalists. (It was hard to choose!) Comment below with the number (just one) of your favorite reason. Check out the profiles of these amazing gardeners to read more about it. You can also vote on @rootedgarden

1.@canning_crafts Embracing the beautiful and delicious imperfections of your garden.

2. @joanna_stoltzfus Everyday harvests made into incredible food.

3.@esther.of.sunnywood.acres Rewards of hard labor (babies and plants!). 4. @lovemesomeplants Picking pumpkins early when you can't wait for Halloween!

5. @phxgardener Learning about bugs.

6. @lildebito Smiling face of a sunflower welcoming you to your garden.

7. @tundrasmah Being a witness to miracles in the garden like the newly hatched monarch catterpillar.
8. @allison__baker Growing treats for you and your chickens.
9. @roseswarbrick Winning some and losing some. Appreciating the wins.
Winner announced here on Monday. Have a great weekend everyone!

☀️ T R A N S I T I O N 🌙
Everything on the homestead is shifting phases right now.
The front lawn has two weeks of solarization under it's belt, with two more to go until we pull the plastic and start removing it. In the meantime, we are designing, measuring, calculating, shopping, and sampling products for it's replacement. So far we have chosen the concrete pavers, 3/8" green rock, recycled brown wood chips, cobble stones, and made a possibly over-zealous plant shopping wish list 🙄 We will share the project as we go under #deannafrontyardgardenreno!
In the back, the "little" girls are looking more and more like adult hens, with their combs and wattles growing more large and red every day.
The tomatoes are gone, and the other summer goodies are starting to wind down in the coop garden area. We will sow the rest of the fall seeds in the greenhouse today 🌱
Reflecting on all this this morning, I got to thinking about how gardening satisfies so many of my needs and desires. So much more than the obvious of connecting with nature, being outside, and growing our own organic food. I am pretty Type A. I love planning, lists, structure, routine, and yes, being in control of my surroundings a lot of the time. But then I also have this more wild side, with a need for change, things to look forward to, experiences to force me to slow down and "go with the flow", new things to learn, and challenges to overcome. The plants and chickens also fulfill my urge to nurture and tend. Gardening encompasses it all.
It's always there, waiting for your care. It's constant like that. But it's ever-changing. Seasons change. Plants die. Spaces morph. Pests come and go. Shit happens. Maybe you take break. And she's still there waiting for you, anytime you want her back. Go get her

Repost from @_plantyourowngardens_:There are 12 different herbs, peppers and tomatoes in this cute little bucket! It's the perfect addition to my new balcony garden 🌱🌞🍅💕
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I used to be kind of skeptical about fertilizers.... Mostly because I didn't know better. Through working with plants for many years, and now actually applying it in real life I see a huge difference between plants that have been "fed" and those that haven't. I also learned through trial and error that different plants require different fertilizer. Duuuuh! Think of it as food. We all need to eat to live, so do plants! Especially if the soil conditions are poor. The more plants you have planted in your garden the faster they consume the nutrients, as they do have to share. Feeding your plants strategically will allow them to grow without having to compete for nutrition. Another trick someone very dear to me taught me, is applying bone meal to the soil in a hole that's dug out before planting a plant. That will help the roots and the plant to grow stronger and get established better. There is a whole article that could be written about fertilizers and their benefits and all.
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#homegrown #colourful #carrots this is as straight as we can get em 🤔I like the big purple one best 💕 #freshisbest #greenthumb #veggiepatch #vegetables I'll admit I do have a tendency to forget them 😜 #toughlove just #plant and #grow 🌱

Maiden hair ferns are my absolute favorite indoor plants but for the life of me I can't stop killing them! Until this baby... I actually made a promise to it that I wouldn't kill it, and so far so good!!! I think I've finally found the right spot in the house for it to get the right amount of sunlight and where I won't forget to water it... it sits right next to me in my office ☺️ #maidenhairfern #plantsarepetstoo

I'd say my garden has gotten a little out of control....
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Everyday. We can't eat tomatoes fast enough....

The answer is yes! I garden barefoot more often than not. I started some fall crops today and am working on pulling out the tomato plants that just haven't quite recovered. Upside the peppers and okra are still going wild.

Dinner with friends and I had the Pot Pie ♥️

Almost all of them sprouted. I don't know if I should be ashamed or proud. #doesthismakemeagardener #greenthumb #kindof

🌟Sorry I have not been posting that much it just that I'm in Ohio for the weekend but promise I will post more when I get back! 🌟#sunflower #mossy #polymerclay #polymer #procastinate #procastinationatitsfinest #sorry #notssogreenthumb #greenthumb #hastags #hashtag #iwishicouldgarden

You can feel it in the air…the slide towards autumn is becoming more and more apparent every day 🍂 The mornings have been crisp and a good kind of chilly. The woods surrounding the garden send a leaf, or two, or eight, to cascade gently down. Some of the leaves even dare show splotches of reds and oranges. But the biggest hint that autumn is closer than we think, is the amount of sun that portions of our garden now get…or perhaps I should say, the complete lack of sun. With the sun lower in the sky, it now barely crests our treeline, so the southern end of our garden stays in full shade. I’m trying to appreciate and soak the garden in now while it’s here, yet I find myself thinking non-stop of my hopes and plans for next year’s garden. Thinking of shaking things up with a big revamp…kind of exciting 😀

#Sharghi- I am super excited today to see these #beauties. #cantaloupes- I planted the seeds from a #sweet #cantaloupe I had bought from the market! My first time to plant cantaloupe and I am super #happy will give them lots of #love -#nature#gardening #garden#urbangarden #vegetarian#vegan#green#fruit#fruity#yum#growyourown#bestoftheday#bloom#blooms#urbangardnee#smile#cute#pretty#beautiful#food#foodie#happygardening#greenthumb#bestoftheday

The Chico clon greenhouse is doing great this year #dank #greenthumb #greenhouse #og #kush #oceangrown #lightdep #tricomes #420 #organic

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