What do you use to help with your dry and dehydrated skin?

Mon gommage coup de coeur 😍 du moment en 3 photos : le gommage hydratant @rawelementsusa qui est un subtil mélange de sel marin hawaïen 🌴🌴 de sucre non raffiné bio avec des huiles de coco et de pépins de raisin. Les huiles essentielles d'encens, d'arbre à thé, de camomille romaine et d'ylang ylang revigorent la peau et les sens.
Ce gommage s'applique sur peau humide. Il ne fond pas et permet de bien gommer sans agresser la peau. J'avais peur qu' il soit un peu décapant et en fait pas du tout. Il est très hydratant et il laisse la peau douce... mais douce.... son parfum d'huiles essentielles est très naturel, assez brut, que j'apprécie beaucoup .
Bien sûr ce gommage est entièrement naturel, vegan,les ingrédients sont certifiés bio. Il ne contient pas de parabens, ni phtalates ni parfums synthétiques ni colorants. Bien sûr il n'est pas testé sur les animaux 😍
Le contenant est un gros pot en verre suffisamment grand pour mélanger le gommage ( l'huile à tendance à aller au fond) sans en mettre partout. 👍
C'est une superbe découverte ❤❤❤ !
Ah oui, on trouve cette petite merveille chez Letizia @sonaturalbeauty
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⍙ y’all. this skincare line [gifted] from @peetrivko has absolutely blown me away. the routine is super simple – a gentle cleanser, moisturizer and balancing oil. i’ve been using all three AM and PM for a little over a week and my sensitive skin is so happy i could cry.
⍙ the cleanser is the. most. gentle. i’ve ever used, the moisturizer sinks into the skin beautifully, and the balancing oil makes my skin feel insanely soft and nourished. i’ve even been using it in the morning under foundation.
⍙ the products have super simple ingredients, zero synthetics or fragrance and are perfect on their own; but, the line is also an ideal base for a more involved routine – i’ll add an exfoliant, essence, vit-C serum, retinoid etc. depending on my skin needs at the mo.
⍙ i cannot recommend this line enough – especially for babes with sensitive skin or anyone looking to step up their skincare game in a natural gorgeous way.
⍙ i am so grateful to Johanna for sending these to me to try. i’m hooked, and will 100% be buying backups.
⍙ hope y’all are having a beautiful weekend, xo

Almost sold out!!! Our Organic Lilac Moon salve is for repairing, recharging and helping you sleep. Pair with our Organic Lilac Moon Spray that doubles as a toner for your face and linen spray!
Once sold out they won’t be back till next year!
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Sharing some new summer skincare picks on the blog. I ran out of cleanser and gave this @antipodesskincare Juliet Skin Brightening Cleanser. It’s been great for my combination skin, and it’s made a noticeable difference to my skin brightness. I also really like the @johnmastersorganicsuk Moroccan clay purifying mask. I think this mask is lovely and also quite important to my skincare routine as summer weather, while wonderful, can also leave my face feeling a bit icky from sun cream, swimming, and Generally getting a bit hot outside. I also find rose water so wonderful in summer as a soothing toner and as a mist to cool down with! This one is from @alteyaorganics and is made from organic steam distilled roses. Last but not least, my skincare tip is to invest in some good water and sweat resistant sun cream! I’ve tried a bunch of natural brands but none I’m 100% in love with yet. When I find ‘the one’ I promise I’ll recommend it. I will say that I love the @environmentalworkinggroup guide to sun screens and always use this to help me find sun creams with ingredients I am happy with, and also to see the UVA/ UVB balance rating. Link in bio for the full post

On the YouTube...what I can’t stop using on my face this summer! What are you slapping on your visage these days? (Link in bio as per usual). 🌞🌼🌞

🌻I will be popping up at one of our favorite stockist @simplywholesome tomorrow, between 11-1pm. Stop by for a free skin consultation + product re-up 💜.
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My @ground_plan products are always in rotation so I thought today would be a good day for another 6,000 word review post haha. 😂❤ JK, kinda.
. Ground Plan has been a godsend for my sensitive skin. I can't tell you how much I've been enjoying this line. But first, I have to give a shoutout to the @peachandlily team for always finding the best brands. I have yet to have a negative reaction to anything they've curated (though of course not everything works for me... but it's definitely high quality). I like how they find gentle, moisturizing products that don't compromise the moisture barrier or overall skin health.
. Anyways I promised you a thorough Ground Plan review ages ago so I thought it was time to share. 🙆 My fellow sensitive skin friends will love this line!
. First Clear Essence* - this is a hydrating toner and natural exfoliant all in one. It reminds me a bit of the cosrx 2 in 1 poreless Power essence but much more watery and thin. It contains natural BHA from wintergreen extract which resurfaces the skin at a deeper level than AHAs. If you struggle with cystic acne, pigmentation, or textural issues this is a great product to use because it's super gentle. It also pairs beautifully with other toners and essences. I use it immediately after cleansing. $36 for 10oz! An amazing deal IMO! 😍
. Cell Power Energy Essence* - this essence reminds me of a serum (the texture is super thick). It contains oatmeal extract which is nourishing and anti-inflammatory... perfect for dry sensitive skin like mine. It also has humectants to hydrate the skin, and lavender to reduce irritation. Probably my favorite product from Ground Plan so far! I use it after the First Clear Skin but before any other serums or facial oils. This comes in at $68 for 4 oz which might seem like a lot at first but works out to only $17 per oz. Its worth every penny in my opinion. I will definitely be repurchasing! 🥀
. Deep Wrinkle Treatment Eye Cream * - Peach and Lily carries a bunch of eye creams ranging from Mizon's snail repair eye cream ($9) to Shangpree's repair eye cream ($120). This is mid-range at $58. Continued in comments...

Congrats to our stockist, @wildfernboutique, which just celebrated their second birthday a couple weeks ago✨If you’re looking for a quality goods for women and men, this is a sweet spot to stop in.

When I healed my gut, I began to heal.🌱 Top 5 things destroying gut health.🌱

1. Antibiotics
2. Artificial Sweetners
3. Refined sugar
4. NSAID’s .

5. Pharmacuetical grade drugs

Keep following for more gut health information!😊💓🌱🙌🏻 #wellnessbabe

Hola chicas!!!! 😎

El lunes tendréis en mi blog la reseña de este solar de @algamarissuomi y otras cositas muy chulas que estoy utilizando este inicio de verano. 😉 Es de la tienda online @ajerap_cosmetic 💜

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Want to use safer, healthier products on your hair and body? Read our top 5 reasons why you should avoid using those that contain SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate).
Link in the bio !
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Find Blue Beautifly products in Good Earth Natural Market. They offer many high quality certified organic products. Our favorite #organic market in San Francisco Bay Area. #organic #greenskincare #plantbased #california #vegan #ecoskincare #sanfrancisco #sanfranciscobayarea

It's a common misconception to think that if the sun is not out then you can't get a sunburn. Even if it’s overcast outside, the sun’s rays are still there. So don’t forget to load up on our Day Cream With 15% Zinc Oxide. https://bit.ly/2K70fFy
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Thinking about my self-care ideas, how about this round bath?

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