Happy Earth Day🌏🌿 Celebrating with these eco wedding flowers grown and arranged with love by @floral.by.nature 🌸 All blooms are grown using organic methods, and put together by the talented Celine (a fully qualified florist and horticulturalist) 🌼 You'll find @floral.by.nature in our eco wedding directory ✖️ Support @earthdaynetwork today by sharing how you’re committed to looking after our planet 💚

starting work on getting the noodle comfortable with using some muscles he's not used to and getting him more balanced. #ottb #greenie

Best investment in my garden has been this worm farm from http://www.hungrybin.co.nz 🌟🌟🌟 .
It works brilliantly using gravity to funnel the castings down the bin where they then compact so you can collect usually a bucket full without losing the entire contents.
The drip tray collects the concentrated leachate (worm wee), which I use on ornamentals and my house plants.
Hungry bin will even sell you the tiger worms to populate the bin and send the lot out to you. The cobwebs you will have to provide yourself. 😅😂 There are a few different types of worm farms and I've seen multitudes of fantastic homemade jobs as well. It's an integral part of a well functioning home garden and a fabulous way to eliminate food waste from the kitchen.

Check out the second photo to view the thing in its entirety. .
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Hi guys! How have you been? I played "God of War" on my playstation4 and then I started to study future tenses in English 😁 I'm so happy because I have done a lot of things from English grammar and before my Exam only vocabulary left. I'm so happy because on Tuesday will be a first episode of 5th season The 100 😍 I have waited for it! .
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Naughty ladybug living on the edge🐞🌼 We’d just saved it from drowning, there it goes again..😂🌱🌏🐝 #thejourneynerverends #thekeeprunningtour #beeld #greenie #naturelovers #runnersworld #fountain #spring

Happy Earth Day
What better day to start off living a little more sustainably
Here are some of the easy changes I've made to my lifestyle to help reduce waste
- Get a reusable drink bottle and get in the habit of taking it with you everywhere you go
-Carry a small reusable bag in your handbag. I often end up picking up bits and pieces and while I am out and about. So this bag gets lots of use. It also saves me from having to use any of the shops bags
-Reusable supermarket bags, I reckon most people are down with this now. Its just remembering to actually bring them to the supermarket that's the hard part
- Stop using straws, they are terrible for the environment. Think about how many drinks you might have on a night out and how many straws you and your friends have used all together. Where do those straws go? Please reconsider using them. I have a metal straw I carry around in my handbag and use it all the time. Its a fantastic investment. Mine is from @caliwoods_eco and I love it.
- Get some reusable cutlery in your handbag as well. Its surprising how many plastic cutlery sets you pick up over time. We're all busy people and getting a takeaway lunch is perfect for those busier days. Now you can turn down that cutlery set :)
Have a fabulous Earth Day everyone, let's take care of our beautiful planet
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🌏 Happy Earth Day 2018! Check out one of these excellent documentaries today and learn more about how you can make a difference to our collective home - Planet Earth. @yearsofliving YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY; @aninconvenienttruth AN INCONVENIENT SEQUEL; @beforetheflood2016 BEFORE THE FLOOD and TOMORROW. You'll be able to find these on @netflixanz or @neon_nz or online at their websites. I try to do my part by 1) Being Vegetarian 2) I share a low powered car with @mrleontaylor and we plan our journeys + use Public Transport where possible 3) Saying no to plastic bags and straws 4) Growing my own vegetables 5) Taking reusable bags to the supermarket 🌱How do you foster sustainability at your place? #earthday #earthday2018 #sustainability

Happy Earth Day!!🌏 Today we celebrate the earth and take action to protect it 💚 Bring your @keepcup ✖️Refuse those plastic bags✖️Always take a @caliwoods_eco straw✖️Buy ethical fashion✖️Shop wholefoods✖️ Be conscious of your impact✖️Don’t stop there!!! Rocking my #forestfriendlyfashion Kezia Dress @tamgadesigns with @nectar_photography 📷

When you say: No receipt, but they still make it and throw it in to the bin. #lesswaste #earthday #lesspaperwaste #greenie

Оказывается, одноразовые бумажные стаканы для чая/кофе изнутри выложены пластиком. Поэтому их надо выбрасывать в обычный мусор, а не бумажный. #lesswaste #plasticfree #noplastic #greenie

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